The Social Club

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3 men are sitting in a bar discussing the impact mobile phones have on society.

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



The Social Club

“Just look at those two.” Jack said nodding across the bar of the social club to a young couple sat in the corner. They were sat across from each other, both young maybe 21 or 22. He was plain, dressed in a blue shirt and grey jeans with brown hair swept across his forehead. She was pretty with long auburn hair cascading down in curls over her shoulders. Her plain green dress hung loosely and was cut just below her knee. Both were sat staring at their phones, thumbs tapping away.

“Why the fuck would you come to a bar with a pretty girl and then sit there playing on your phone?” Jack finished his pint and looked across the table at Ben.

“Maybe they're sending dirty messages to each other.” Ben said taking a long drink.

“Well she doesn't look impressed by it if they are.”

Ben laughed, “Why do you care so much?”

“Don't you think it's funny that devices that were meant to bring us together have actually made us more isolated?”

“Bloody hell, that's a bit deep aint it?”

Jack smiled, “Where's Steve with our drinks? I'm parched.”

Steve came round the corner and placed three pints in the centre of the table, spilling some in the process. “She's all right aint she?” Steve said grinning and motioning towards the young girl in the corner, “What the fuck is she doing with him?”

“Either sending him dirty texts or isolating herself from the world, we haven't quite decided yet.” Ben said taking a drink, “Cheers lads.”

“You laugh.” said Jack, “I swear that five years ago you'd come to a bar and people would be talking, flirting, laughing, you wouldn't get groups of people sat around in silence playing Angry Birds.”

“I don't think it's as bad as you're making out, I certainly don't think we're more isolated.” Ben said.

“Yeah I mean look at Facebook and Twitter, people are more connected than ever. Just last week I was messaging one of my cousins who lives out in Australia. I'm thinking of heading out there soon.” Steve said taking a long drink. “Think of all the ridiculously hot girls in bikinis, I can't wait.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, I get that technically we're more connected but people definitely talk less” Jack said putting his pint down.

Steve scoffed, “How can people be more connected but talk less?”

“I'm not talking about instant messaging and tweets, I'm talking about real conversation, like we're having now.”

Ben snorted into his drink, spraying beer up into his face, “I'm not sure our drunken ramblings count as real conversation.”

“I bet there's been a study on it.” Jack said reaching for his phone, “I'll google it.”

“So when you thinking of heading to Australia?” Ben asked Steve.

“Not sure, maybe this summer if I can save up enough, I reckon I'll need about two grand.”

“You gonna travel or just hang out on the East coast?”

“Dunno to be honest. Like I said I've got a cousin out there who's got a place near Bondai Beach. She says I can stay there if I want which will save on money. You guys should come too, make a bit of a lads holiday of it, I'm sure my cousin wouldn't mind.”
“Yeah sounds good man, I'll see if I can get any time off work. What do you reckon Jack?”

“Hang on a minute, I'm still trying to find this study.” Jack said without raising his head.

Sam and Ben eyed each other. “My round.” Ben sighed pushing his chair back.

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