The Frayed Butterfly Wings

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A short story from a narrative I wrote in my freshman English class.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




The room was dark and dust particles floated through the musty smelling air. Dim light desperately tried to penetrate through the grime covered window. The man with the black horned rim glasses sat at the small desk in the corner perusing over his collection.
"My lovelies soon the world shall see how wonderful you are." He muttered quietly to himself and to his collection. Inside of the enclosure, the man  was looking at a hybrid of the Killer Ghost Butterfly. Normally, these butterflies would be semi-harmless to humans. But with the new hybrids he had been working on, they would -hopefully- be the end of all human kind. Leaving only the man and his beautiful creations. 
The man slowly got up from the desk and softly dragged his fingers across the enclosure's  glass, causing the butterflies to stir. He left the room and slowly descended the steps one at a time. It would soon be the day that all of human kind would be annihilated. Only a  few more tests and his little masterpieces would be ready. 
There was always a reason behind everything. The man knew that very well. To this day he could still feel the sting of the words that were yelled at him. The hurt of the punches and kicks he had received as a child. He had vowed that one day they would all pay. That day was fast approaching. The man wickedly smiled behind the black horned rim glasses as he stepped off of the last step and made his way towards the front door. He had to keep his composure for the outside world. No one must know what lies within his little house.
The man placed his hand on the front door knob and turned it slowly. He put one foot outside of the door and soon the other one followed. The sun outside was bright and clear. It was a very beautiful day indeed.
'It shall be even more beautiful once my beautiful creations and I are the only ones to witness it!' The man thought happily. He strolled alongside the road his hands in his pockets. On the outside the man was very handsome and had natural good looks. Bright green eyes stood out from behind the black horned rim glasses. Shifting his gaze to the scenery around him, the man watched as a neighbor waved hello, completely unaware of her soon to be destruction. The man cast a smile her way and then turned back forwards. it was all an act of course. Deep down he had a burning hatred for every human being but himself. The reason why he even left his house was to pretend that he was a part of the human society. He went to work and went out with his "friends". No one knew of his secret little plan. 
The man was deep in thought, thinking about how it would only be exactly one more day before the destruction of the humans. A laugh caught in his throat and he choked it down.  Making sure he looked presentable he walked a few more blocks and got to his work office and said hello to his coworkers. Soon the man got to work and the time passed by quickly. Near the end of his shift the man walked up to a "favorite" coworker of his and asked if he would like to have a drink back at his place. The male coworker agreed eagerly and soon once there shift had ended they both left together and walked back to the man's house. The man would make his special corkscrew. Which was just a bunch of alcohols mixed together. The man enjoyed it, so he thought his coworker would as well. 
When they reached his house the man opened the front door and let his coworker inside. The coworker looked around and was satisfied with the looks of the inside.
"So, What kind of drinks are we having?" The coworker asked the man. He replied swiftly and with a fake smile.
"We are having what I call a corkscrew, it is my own concoction, I hope you like it Sam." He said not really caring if the ungrateful human liked it or not. But he soon went into the kitchen and prepared the drink. It was only a few more minutes when he came back out he handed Sam the drink and sipped at his own. Sam looked around and noticed some beautiful plants that were potted in the corner.
"Nice plants you got there. What are they for?" He asked curiously eye balling the plants some more. A chill passed through the man's body. '˜They're food for my creations..' The man thought but he quickly replied.
"They bring some good old oxygen into the air." He lied and blinked his eyes a few times and turned his gaze to his drink and sipped at it. Soon Sam followed suit. One sip of the drink and Sam was about to gag. He gulped down what was in his mouth and looked frantically around for some place to dump the drink. 
'The plants!' He thought gratefully  and waited for the man to turn his back and soon the dirt holding the plant was soaking up the alcohol beverage. The man soon turned back around and was happy to see Sam had drank all of the drink.
"Did you like it Sam?" He asked curiously, Sam replied with a lying nod. The man was satisfied and soon after talking for an hour or so Sam left, returning back to the work office to drive home.
The man was happy that Sam had left. He could be alone with his butterflies. Grabbing the plant the man trekked up the stairs and carefully pulled the leaves off and set them into the enclosure. The butterflies quickly devoured them.  With a gracious smile the man turned and left the room, heading to his own and laying down upon the bed and he began to sleep. 
When the man woke up in the morning, he did not hear the soft flapping of butterfly wings that he usually heard. It troubled him deeply. Quickly getting out of bed, the man hurried into the unlocked room where the butterflies where held. Panic seized his chest as he looked about the enclosure. Not a stir of movement, and he had left the enclosure's food door open! The man cursed himself and quickly stepped closer. A strangled cry caught in his throat. His butterflies, they were all dead..all dead. Falling to his knees the man held his head in his hands. He was actually crying. Bitter tears spilled from his eyes as he wept over his ruined creations. It was ruined. His plan and his creations.  Then anger seized him. Cold biting anger. He wrenched himself up and angrily knocked over the glass enclosure. It tipped over and crashed into millions of pieces. Racing out of the room, the man knocked himself into the walls and soon stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen. He then grabbed a thick rope from underneath the kitchen sink. It was his only way. Grabbing a chair from the table he strung up the rope hastily and tied it around his neck. Kicking the chair out from underneath his feet the rope caught in the air and his neck was snapped. The life quickly faded from his eyes. The house was dead silent. But what the man didn't know was that a single butterfly managed to escape from the deaths of its kin. It slowly flew out of the window and into the world.

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