A short essay of how to train your cats



Now your probably wondering how the THING do you Train your cat right? well in this thing i will explain that.

first you get a cat not a rough cat though otherwise it will tear you to peices.  then  obviously you buy it a collar with a name tag

and put it on your cat.Next you give it a name and  then call its name till it gets used to it.

After that who ever you are gives it a litter box and house train it ,,........

(or kick it outside if you are an idiot your choice)

anyway\"indecision\" back to what we were saying...

What was i saying anyway??? OMG YOU FORGOT? yeh sorry ohhhhh i remember now!!!

Remember train it to poo/h however you spell it .... It the litter box not in the loo or on the floor

(or if your cats such an egghead then just make it pooh outside)

Any way then you teach it to like you and to sleep or not sleep with you ..

(if you want it to like you then give it  treats and milk every once and a while and give it some toys to play with)

Speaking of food and drink you need to give it Cat food and water every day Morning and night and if you want cuz your

so kind then lunch as well so thats all folks as well,.finnaly teach it to never run to far away from home and to also

always come back oh and remember to Take it to the vet if it gets sick

...well i best be going now huh? well see ya later alligators:)




Avtoni (ps please rate and / or comment below:) ) have a good day WAIT A SEC btw my real name is anthony

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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