Mysterious Island

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This story is about a man who goes to an unknown island and is lost there because of a tiger.Then
he went on the seaside. He saw a boat one day while he was sleeping, so he went with the people in the boat.

Submitted: June 07, 2014

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Submitted: June 07, 2014



Once there was a man who wanted to go on an island which was full of animals and which had rumors that their are ghosts in the island. Which were not true according to that man .

He went on that island because he wanted to Prof that there are no ghosts on the island, which people believed existed on that island. The man went alone, because no one was coming with him as everyone was scared. The man took his useful stuff with him such as his diary , water, food, clothes and etc. He reached on the island by a ship, the ship dropped him and went back. The guy set his camp over there, took out his diary and started to write about the mysterious island.

The island was huge, full of trees and plants. Some unknown insects and creatures were also there. It was very beautiful too. The man really loved the island. Soon it was dark and noises of owls could be heard. The man decided to get some sleep. It was midnight when the man could hear various noises. He thought that it must be small birds but after a while a big tiger came infront of him. He ran as fast as he could and didn't know where he was going, he left all his stuff over there and appeared in a random place. He did not know what to do. He only had his compass in his pocket from which he decided to go on the seaside, over there he could have got help. After few hours he reached the sea side and saw no one over there so he took a crab from the sea end. He spent two days of his life like this , but one night he was sleeping he heard a noise, he woke up and so a boat he didn't know what to do ? He started to throw stones on the boat. The people in the boat saw the man, they stopped, helped him and finally he collapsed to the ground exhausted but happy and the adventure was over. THE END

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Mysterious Island

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