Change of change

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it's strange and it will eat you head!

Submitted: July 12, 2010

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Submitted: July 12, 2010



I started to build house.

But I had only one brick.

It pissed me of. I couldn’t, I needn’t and I didn’t want to stand it!

„Vagina is everything!“

I walked to the closest woman I saw and crashed her head.

BANG! It sounded.

„Haaaa!“ Sounded I.


I spill her until her head looked like the head of man I once saw in a picture that my friend showed me. My friend was murdered by a car drived by a woman, whom was angry on her husband because she found him cheated her with a man she cheated him before.

The man on that picture had head crashed by a truck or something like that.

Maybe it was a car.

I think he was cycling and he threatened his own life and the other people lifes.


I spill her and screamed.


I throwed the brick away and bited her neck.

„I am a vampire! My name is Ujmaklaanyi! I’m gonna suck you all!“

„What did you just say? You want to suck us all? You’re so bold! There are not many people with courage to do something like you did just now.“

There was a skinhead standing behind me. He weared a „white power“ t-shirt.

I jumped after his neck.


I ate his head.

„Do you like the way I suck you fucking nazi?!“

When I ended, I ran into the garden. I sat between flowers.

I didn’t wait long and there came what I’ve been waiting for.

Policemen stopped right next to the garden and get of their car. They started to talk to the old woman. She showed them the place I hide in.

They looked at me.

They were slowly coming.

„Who are you and why did you do this?“

The policeman looked like he ate a lemon.

„I am a bush.“

I said and I belched.

„Do you think...“

„I don’t think anything!“

I fast stood up and I ran to their car. I started it up and I drived away. As I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw the old woman biting policemen necks.

„This world’s mad...“

I saw around twenty children on the path. They were holding each others hands. I opened the door and screamed.

„Childreeeeen! Your time has come!“

They turned on me in riht time so they could see me rolling on them. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, they screamed. I collided a half of them and I stopped. I didn’t want to kill them all. Someone must stay to have nightmares.

„I am Santa!“ I screamed.

Kids ran away. As they were gone, around eight police cars stopped on the road. Everybody got off their cars.

„Give up! You’re besieged!“

„You are dickheads! Don’t you have a courage to kill me right now? Can’t you see how many children I just killed?“

They looked confused.

„I don’t care about, you dickheads! I’m not afraid of death!“

Thy looked at each other.

„Wait a while! We need to talk about it!“

As they were talking about it, I sat on the path and I set myself on fire.

„Ok. So we...“

When he saw me, he stayed to look with his mouth wide opened. Then he came to himself, he screamed something and all the policemen began to piss on me. When they stopped, he called an ambulance.

As I was laying in ambulance car, I thougt about who caused this all.

Hm. I think god caused this.

God caused I wanted to build house.

God caused I killed those children.

God caused my parents was born.

God caused I was born.

God caused I was born like a vampire.

God made the policemen so stupid.

God caused I did’t burn becaude he made people piss.

„Oh god, that god is really everywhere!“

„He lives!“ started to scram an ambulance man, or who is he.

„Everybody! He lives!“

Ambulance car stopped and two car driver, or what they are, came to me.

„Let’s rape him!“ said one of them.

„Let’s crap inside his anus and piss inside his penis!“


They began to qarell so I couldn’t hear a word.

I couldn’t stand it so I juped after the closest one.

I ate his head. The others just stayed and looked at me with opened mouths.

„You wanted to crap in my anus and piss in my penis?“

„Oh... it was just a joke...“

He started to walk away.

I started to do the same.

He ran away. I ran away too.

And as I ran I was laugting.

In this world, everything is possible.

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