2015 Receptions Of One Change We Need

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I hope these few notes stand the test of our time. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Ahead whatever way we predict future we plant those seeds in the heart of our harvest. Things change and so will be attended by all. Yet if we push ourselves for the best ever we can make some compromises are seen without sidelining the rest. Here is how my generation view people who make those years ahead.

1. Farming

I have been lucky travel some places in  my country where people save everyday not away but acting out of a role model for the rest with whatever we have. My late grandfather was a farmer and I come from some beautiful villages in my state that holds the promise of sweat and good working of farming. We are sure Gods or angels who gave us this composition in this art or science of longing practice may take new turns. I am referring towards how we make the best. Our government has been committed towards more natural cultivation and we share one of the best climate of this planet for farming. What we do has now gone ahead of our budget due to more demand of products both here and abroad? How can future affect us? I can say some few points in this big venture we meet without trouble.

Every human in this world must lead a fulfilled life and our heart of the Mother India sowed this trust for those farmers who plough the land with what can be the production to feed the world's growing population. God born in this commitment have seen this understanding out of an attempt to solve this simple problem. We have plenty of arable land and this is good to sow crops with seeds and not fruits made without eco natural kempt of seed bank. It is true that changes affect our foodchain when we spray more pesticides and all understands that level of reductions have never solved the problem. Genetics breeds sustenance needs understanding of the cause in the diminishing monitor on the few figures that may not twine with the affect of our bio ecological health and yet we need this as the rest can only divert attention without compiling the request of an hungry human. It is a crucial decision how we need this more than an act of science with more innovation. We can skip the man-made fertilizers if we consume our daily biowaste into natural compost. The growth in this area is far ahead to be seen and quite lot promising for any person with lots of employment to see the state of my India clean and free without garbage. We have many roots to solve this problem and can go back without inflation if we agree towards good practices. A time we create for the organic food hub of our world if our representatives have an initiative switching towards one of the best ten industries all of us can participate. It is not this art we newly create but common grounds that will ease our effort from barriers. There will be a staleman near the field and birds would find a new home in the home of the farmer with good nightingale of the century.

2. Energy Utilities

Our resolve towards solving energy crisis should start from public private investment in efforts that has same turnover over assurance that the level of time and cost commitment doesnt stands as a barrier when we build windmills around the near shore of our nations entire boundary. The amount of crisis may still be standout for nuclear but we must see how long there is a recent switch towards the power of sun, wind and water together. We need more mechanical driven gadgets that self-powers electricity in the entire operation pyramid. Biogas is a good choice in every home with locals attend towards the level of the bridge between freedom towards making the climate evergreen. How will you interrupt that more we have made this choice the time level of finance must be committed on the on-going maintenance of the period? It is not the prime minister to resolve in to think or make in India one projects that just create enhancements, but I see our national wealth has a genuine promise towards this big investment for the people of our land.

3. Transportation

We can buy more technology and more luxury near the world we live but who can not create one highway where the fuel towards solving the cost of more petrol or gas comes directly from the heart of the natural energy that can drive the way towards innovative electric vehicle. This is not just what we are missing. In one nation where the soul is in villages we need the source of how they have maintained the quickest way of heritage in the long past years that we have come acroos in time. Let us build roads and extend our railways towards the interior scope of our land. Planning a future starts with how we can implement this more smarter.

4. Healthcare

Remotest healthcare needs must start from anywhere and attend any foreseen cause of the deadline that exist in the timeliness of the need towards making this affordable and standout being the best any one can be within reach. How can we not start telemedicine through any utility that helps individual enable the solving toughest challenges in providing medical care? Here I demonstrate an example. An migrant worker who is paid for the day when he gets a daily wage only through the time he avails, contracts some illness and for the first time goes to the nearby general hospital. He lands up in a queue when he needs the token to be bought. Somehow after a tough days battle, he gets to the doctor and seeing the condition of the patient, the good physician gives him some few medicine and at night this person gets a relieve for the day. His health is not back yet this person stands near the market for the next days meal. How will you see this situation and what can we really do for this person who have seen more people brought sick in the department wards of the general hospital? This has been the state till now and how will any administrator confront this more than less changes? Is there any solution yet never made for any distant communication that yet been made in time. What happens when people who get diseases live at the mercy of an never sustainable healthcare mechanism we can so provide conveniently? How can you see the near future if you are also globalized in a distant land like this?

I know till now we are silent and every service here must be adopted as non-profit service for society by people who will can claim 200% tax deduction for any such unseen help provided in genuine records and the government must not question how the source of this money spend is valid. Personal who like to contribute may pay online through any means with same convenience and the tomorrow's migrant worker will get a free ticket when he is admitted and treated for any ailment.

5. Government

For the people, the representatives must always come back home with mentions of better contributing wellness for adopting any situation that contribute in general public where machinery for new changes must be sidelined in the way that interacts with the public and they must comply with any reforms that is highlighted. There must be a timeline for every concerns and it should be taken care that this home welcome situations to tackle the merits of the governance at the luxury of the public and well concrete utility must stand out of the need. Tomorrows solutions must not be just e-governance but the side of the speed of delivering commitment of the masses at large. In simple view, every report mentioned anywhere, any concern mentioned anyhow must be resolved through using any craft of science with the best effectiveness and highest efficiency within the scope of time, cost and commitment.

6. Education

In every school let children play the technology for elevating charitable donations by intellectual reasoning through developing websites such as www.freerice.com  . Every child who can be the future of our nation, may be educated by empowering their skills and talents for shining where they are. More concern must be focussed on creating the job for all that comes from creating opportunity that is a part of every trade. Let us try drafting a change for the juvenile population who are trained not for few reasons why they learn out of any situation but let them be their champion in comming out not making the same mistakes we have made, in a long way ahead no one may write a reverse note in their dairy of a lifetime. Education is a resource and every person has a rebuild stimulation to be the part of being a tea seller that secure our collective future.

7. Conservation

We have one heritage that make our existence. Our conservation must start from home. It also stands for enriching some solutions for the best practices. When we conserve what we can donate for our future citizens, we make a contribution. This keep up ahead when we test how we can stand out in belief that plays a true roles in skimming our values for the action ahead. In the future conserve any art we have inherited stands starting from building more monuments that needs renovation and also sustaining the natural ecosystem we can preserve for the needs of our future. Let us stand ahead in these solutions.

8. Identity

We come from making a global family from people of all interest who can never be so easily sketched into an art of making in burning out their new avatars. How will we implant the beginning of few works that users of one global platform interact in a world getting more interlinked in a station of many parts and parcels? What makes them finally on the world beyond any hope? Can we see that faith in our foundation state few needs more than sensing relentless changes? There are many such question of social security question we are made to be the branch of the finite tree of knowledge, time and space with love from Almighty. 

Let us contribute for these collections ahead. :)

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