A Birthday For Your Friendship

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Today someone more than my best friend shares a unique moment. In my Sister's birthday this happiness is quoted. :)

When you get one day younger,

All the lifetime with your loved life,

This day is a treasure unknown,

For all the blessing God may grant,

I hope you remain happy always,

With all cherished GoodNews that last,

You are my best friend,

When you grow one step untouched,

Everything remain so gifted,

I love the way you leave any message in our hearts,

In the day so given out of happiness,

You are one word above all,

I hope you have best health always,

Sometimes the world forget friendship,

Yet we remain so grateful for God's kindness,

When you are one like never before,

In history all that counts sell delight,

Some surprises are waiting for you this new year,

Let Almighty grant all HIS grace for this gift,

When you recall every moment we have,

In the sandmine of time,

I wrote this note of thanksgiving,

For a day brighter than tomorrow,

Without even a single spell of devotee,

God has carved a blessed time for you,

When you look back,

I hope you never miss this time ahead,

In future if there is a new day,

Let God give you all wellness in happiness and love,

For long and healthy life with grateful wealth,

For us this is a day for all your trustworthy life,

In this season of life's journey,

Let you be the true moment of all the lifetime cherished,

In ever heartening grace of heavenly light,

You may follow this twinkling stars vision all your way,

One sky above limit may grant this wish,

By grace of the mighty that exist yet unknown,

Life may be your window of peace, love, hope and joy always,

In my prayer when seasons of life change,

I submit for this kindness of a true humble spirit,

Before Almighty in your birthday eve,

Thanking this blessing for you always,

Let me wish you prosperous fortunes,

Where life's arena route your journey,

Let this magic whisper in your life,

Long live may this happiness in your friendship,

Let me wish you...

For your beautiful life...




Submitted: December 16, 2014

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