A Christmas Court Without Jury

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Christian Writers

I have written what I am humbly submitting this entire life for all my duty here. This is untold. I may rise to step again to bless my devotion now. :)

Our future is guarded by the remintance of an order,
If its balance is questioned today in the court of law,
How will God and Devil who play as advocated preserve prime existence?
When all raise their stand against one Mother of Creation,
Who gave away everything we humans asked for beyond eternity,
Yet why the crusade of this story launch its attacks on Earthly beings?
This correction is depicted here like a banquet of how things happen on creation.

In the books of law an out break happened in the jail,
Three prisoners was interrogated before the gates of heaven,
Both God and Devil advanced like a petitioner before them,
In the middle stood the teacher who never complaint about the difference here,
Like a busy old sinster our beloved Mother asked them to leave this arena,
And come back before the date of judgement when their endearing love slip against the truth,
All viewpoints of this arena heard this wakeup call,
So on the either side of our saviour,
Stood two prisoners hanged on cross near their meeting-house in destiny again,
Who can convince this hearts life filled in an unknown delivery of pains against the evil order persisting here?
Our supreme Mother gave the spirit to transcend in their life,
Always like an angel in the heaven dearest to God induced in a life we live on Earth.

"Let us gather something why you are here" thought the Devil
"Spanking this ordeal it is far beyond any thought" Fainted inside the God
"Yet you still book my bills so early passing on judgements untill your days arrived" Lived within the Saviour
One angel celebrated this instruction back to the heaven in front of the Mother,
This angel pledged before all creation,
"Many never in the name of any order no creation be resilent on an Eternal rebellion for this truth"
Our Mother asked, "They made this choice. I have shown them all what may happen. Yet a court without jury is this cause here. I can only gift them what is not restrictive on this creation. It rewards them happiness in a consent for all we are now. Do you want this presumption for their fate?"
This angel scattered within told. "Help me on the vessel I like them to take through this life. Give me the award to grant them this mercy. Lastly I assure the mercy will be your justice before your priest-craft in a court without jury."
One Mother agreed.

Now our teacher faded in time before the midst of the playful devil and unusual God. Their debated was listened by the angel for all odds and even contrasting good-sense like a good conversationalist. Yet no reason gave this angel to endanger the fate of our Earthly beings. Before time was getting dark and against the occasional infinitude, this angel dismissed time to be the comedian before these days. Our angel seeked change each days change constitutively came out of their thoughts. Till one night before the day was about to start, a hand relicted this law-abiding ritual before an obedient heart. Here our teacher showed HIS humility for this angel away from the mortal being of our creation. "Why are you here now?" asked the angel. "You dont know me" breaking the silence this teacher asked. "I dont want you to pay the wage again. This court has no jury and very cruel in their motives. Sometime many flourishes here when something decay. Keep away from the rest. Or I will be cruel to hang you again for this act" this angel purged reply in harsh tone. Knowing everything so true again. Our teacher disappeared in faint air after giving a note written in HIS blood to this angel. It was getting dark and the actuary of time played its harshest cruel game of solitude again the entire dark ages. Till the morning light distanced away from fate eachone here wrote. A thought came before the angel. What did the teacher wrote? Without anyones notice this angel took the resilience of this story and agreed to what our teacher requested. It was so written. "I never recorded any ornament in this envelope. A dark Christmas came before my student till now. Here you must help us win over this day before a court without jury. You will find me where this story reside. Follow my star and guide him back home. A family waits for a happy day you may find his most important moment. I have come here for the request from our Supreme Mother." But what will I do asked the angel within. Finally the angel decided, I will guide this guy through HIS life by the spirit of my best adviser. If he is through the way that guides him eternally, may the wish of HIS teacher always shine in this life.

Our angel asked the three visitors before the gates of heaven to prove the test of endurance to ignite this day till its ends flower for a scholar called Sam. Music started and a testament was opened again in Sam's life. It was disillusioned to be innocent before the hard cornered old trapdoors of society till now. Yet quietus of all death within was taken by the time Sam knealed before this sleep to be awake to guard the doors of a fortress. In this shadow beatifical lifes zone soon changed. Someone was reading all this Sam went through from the hellkeepers agony through the package of dark clouds last Christmas sang its rhythm within. Yet till now Sam never opened any situation like this but became near perfection all the days he lived here. Finally the three visitors met our angel and asked why not wake Sam for the duty you have assigned for him since the time is born. The angel told, "time will tell though it is written no one will lead all here to mark a beginning Sam illusionised his duty in all written steps. let the supreme mother show him the way that start heaven where he is blessed." In the heaven madien a court without jury was summoned again. Now the question twined what must be left on the Earth for a day mankind doesnt show the creation its dead bed. Our angel was summoned and it is so written again. "Let them rediscover new way through the days that may guide our last messenger here for a promise Sam is assured in this life. I can say only one thing so true. A Christmas gift for his dad will be a voice that will stop time again. If this is so written let us assure for this creation, may this candle never be gone in the wind as time is only right till they live together. I have gone through their whole life. May Sam never imprint this message I have opened for the global village. Yet I ask if Christmas is a beautiful moment may this gift for HIS father be the most beautiful day of true joy in this entire creation for all orders that sustain here." Hearing these words, the devil advocated told, "Can we still leave the faith of our dearest planet in the hands of cruel human being?" Our angel showed what the teacher wrote before this court and all its arena became silent by the verdict. It was so written. "Time we need may end but its changes persist. You have waited all this destiny to cry out this voice. Let the Christmas gift for a family seek love to be blessed. And my student Sam be granted this mercy in the name of our last imprint when the global voice get together in a heart of Christmas season where fate will bless Sunshine named to be its median in this His life. Till that day let me go into this human guiding steps to be their mentor. I hope this will be a Christmas gift for HIS dad."

"May be the truth answer our quest for peace under this order I have granted Sam for HIS wish written by our Supreme teacher." Our Mother promised.

Our story still never ends here. It is going to be the test of all wake up call in our destiny. Here devil upheaval the respectable society personified for the defamation rinsing pain with every comming waves. A visitor of time still wake up a mask before this silent hour. Lastly the time keeper met the oracle. "Why have you complicated everything? Are you serious?"

"If you look down the earth and ask a stranger for affable fraction of time to be their saviour visiting everyday for the way that may lead us again. Can I ask you for all you are given for development of human race till now?" The time keeper fainted on this thought as this is the energy that is coded on their existence. "You have this heart in a voice that may bring us towards what we wanted. It all started from a human story and this is our missing piece, I have united with you" Oracle whispered in the eyelids of our time keeper.

My name is Sam. I bring this story from the land of rainbow as someone listened within to tell you the story you will live everyday with me here. May this spring all its love as you move on for making the days better. We have time but only one lifetime till we live here. This is the second and last test of my lifes battle to rise renewed in a human story with all its failing steps. I am not odd with what happened till now. May be the change is going to be odd back towards where we started. This is my life here. I hope we will still join here for more gettogether in a daily dairy records to sing the song of a loved heart with some spelling mistakes. I hope this is not a crime any more. I have written more than a wish. For the entire creation we cannot miss the last step to protect all under this single roof of a Christmas gift.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Lyca cool

this is very spirtitual is a good thing it brings the poem to life.

Sat, May 20th, 2017 5:27pm


Like one Mother of all creation to be loved again. May be this blessing can be endless here. Our epic begins to fulfill this message here. :)

Sun, May 21st, 2017 12:52am

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