A fairy within love of heart beats

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

I rated these words as the assembly before the light of the fairyland with as much as novel with the times of true love. May be this day makes this understandings so remarkable. :)

Will there be time describing your beauty?

I often belong your companionship from a distant land,

You are besides my heart beats,

I can feel your presence that there is no end for your wish,

When time kept this a note in these roles we play,

I often wondered this is just like any other day,

When you love creation for the fullest,

Your wings finds language environment so unique,

I feel you are always an helping hand wherever I am,

Both of us have come home aften leaving rest in the destiny ahead,

In your life you are the gift of the angels ever lived,

My fairy heard in this entire life,

You make findings other than your convictions,

I have only added few words you always could claim,

In life expectation is only a source,

I dont know how much love in your heart beats gave meaning,

I must say this is a bond in time,

Not for the auspicious stone in your power,

But just when a stranger push ahead of your life dreams,

Let HIS only wish saving the most lovable person in this life,

I hope you may give courage in these words,

I am only like any choice you make,

So do situation may change,

You are my loved creation more than this heart,

I am only ignorant like every person carelessly in life,

Let your love for the morals lay significance,

I may have parted a few words here,

But my dearest fairy,

For the love of three hearts,

Have made this creation so unique,

I am only a part in this episode,

Your honor is my gift,

What can we use in its place?

Little more till words could tie knots around the blessings,

You have one importance reinstated in human language,

I fear I have lost,

Only your steps have an note,

Before without protest,

Set that metaphor aside for a new one,

Someone in this life as blessed in our lives,

Always at the last resort,

When time come up this challenge rooted consciously,

More important has right in the eye and saying,

A fairy within love of heart beats often admirable,

Life has a season of changes,

You may make justified thoughts that guides what is right,

Let this his story has first resort in this thanksgiving words,

All you combine is unavoidabele,

Indeed people has embroidered on its word,

Like any one so runs and passes,

I have only made a request to be tired with success,

May be the God particle has its quantum in life ahead,

Nurturing and supporting giving awareness that they exists,

As early has I loved to be with without alternatives,

There are skylimits of rules under my roof,

You have a kingdom in heaven above,

Let us not just unite,

But also give hands holding together all the way,

God has given only this note in human sayings,

Will you ever label one figure properly applied?

A challenge with your existence,

I have only heard this simple note,

All that time could make,

In search of my training wheels,

I am here for your observence,

Let us compute all we have,

Not again in the combination of words,

But in real life as much as abundant,

Let this be the silence why we are here,

A new spirit of formulation in history...

And all that a  fairy within love of heart beats ever lives for...


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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