A Farmer in Midst Of Global Village

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Crafting assistance for one million village in my country. Let us remake this dream. Here I have seen this dedication like the movie, SWADESH. Let us save this commitment in reality.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Golden time remake food grain in those fields,

Climate unsure yet they sow seeds of harvest in dry ploughed land,

Today when rivers changed its course,

When no rain water planted irrigation unseen,

Their eyes watched heavenly sky for a necesity for biggest price,

Neither new crop nor unpaid wage commit more suicides,

Landlords never settle claims again,

Unlike early monsoon under hot dusty sunny days,

Where will they search for living?

In this gifted land many family struggle serving their duty,

When there is no other skill they are talented,

Life tell them any grant is not any end of their mystery,

Today we have a choice for them,

We may not have solutions for all with limited resources,

But we can help them through healthy practices,

Let us serve our sense of duty like in helping a choice for their lifeline,

When we say it is left for those people in their struggle for survival,

Without their harvest our homes would never meet credible budget,

If we can update some certainity for the spirit of one nation,

It is time for a new beginning organicaly,

They are our support helping our society harvest food grains,

Let us remake this story like the movie "SWADESH"

If SRK spend one moment speechless in the night at the poor farmers home,

How much we make the best,

Can we ever imagine if this real injustice may never in our society?

Howsoever we are made so much with fame,

Will time ever shape creating sustainable home for millions who live in rural india deprived of any rights?

Yet simply oblige with in their struggle for existence without any merits of comparison.

If you have time,

Make likes for all the events you can contribute towards justice!!!


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