A history in the dawn

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In the dawn of history and today times changes with always what you have in your hand. Realizing the meaning of these words about our planet has been carved out as ever uncompleted short story.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



"Yearning in the dawn of years passby here time unfolds another historic year ahead. For carving out the timeline of wavingdreams. This time with no words of gestures and very moment counts for measurable dedication part devotion means duty of endurance. Hidden in history most lethal deceptions forward stage for another rolldown carving destiny."

Let us understand what is so called and said to be one space in measurable time. Everyone has seen the growth of many era why civilizations grew and became unknown. We have heard of egyptian to messopotamian civilization. They had made progress and in time some unknown lethal deception perished them out of every belief and prayer of mankind. Why? Are we prepared for again savageous era of resource scarcity due to climate change. What is actually meant by climate change? Is it the weather conditions? I mean by climate one factor that always have changed our progress and that can be our percetion or outlook or attention-diverting-staitstical-realtime-factors that has always influenced life. Ever being history has been influenced from flesh trade in our borders towards habitat destruction in the wildlife some and all of us can see. What do you mean by influenced? Actually what deep meaning the word influenced has here? Let us assume we are living in a society. Leave everything else, atleast our childrens will begin to notice and add one more word in their vocabulary. Do you think we will be able to believe in a change or uplift the poor as all our leaders would preach? Can the almighty even inside us come to be the saviour of a world in life made out of one sense for our own reasons? If we have reasons for the future generation we must assure that we imply now and take progress in making the simple key before someone else change the lock.

Today we have inexplicable occurances why need to vault our reserves any possible reasons of catastropies. When life was taken birth in the begining in always making many means of transformation and till today we cannot recollect what make life visible on this earth a striking factor among the rarest of galaxies at distance and where even this day have we ever adjourned why we are born to commit for sustainence of life forms because of one prime reason they make up what we are. We may not make another secure Seed bank for agriculture like by Norwegians near North Pole. There can be both side of this story but let me ask you something. Is the cause geninue and as far we have discovered in time there need a global open consensus to be a part of this mission. It is possible each country stage their own reserves under their own sake but let us think about the financial burden of every nation and the common man who will be the bearer wont be able to supress his daily bread on this cause. I want to reassure and geninuely tell you I have understood that they need funds to maintain and primarly even before that we need one understanding to arrive about why we have reason to ensure on a wider practicability. When new varieties of seeds grow and we shed some crop which we consider useless in time there is an even possibility that wont be able to survive and most likely become extinct and that is why seed bank have been kept by various nations. Every nation has limitation. When we see the world politics today what is said today is not what is happening. Each resource though limitlessly used cannot wind up what is need by everyone in the long run. We are facing both resource scarcity and climate change. Extinction is not the source of getting things done for the future generation and that is why I am writing this column.

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