A New Year Treasure

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I hope you have an episode of one time traveler in words of merit and very simple.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



In every season with reasonable grace,
Days have a challenge,
Measuring destiny ever crafted,
Let us hope this is a gifted one without any fear,
There is no war you confront than your own correspondence,
I call this ocean drop in dew that enlighten your heart,
They are friends not your parents,
One compromise generation have given you ahead,
You have exploded in one path you have choosen,
He who created you find meanings in your life,
You have another choice why you exist,
A pair of stockins life have put you in,
Some corrections in spellings will give you ever for this treasure,
Teacher has helped you and guided your heart,
Simple you scared every being,
You are one among them and you noded these lines in time,
You are here as your birth gives you this option,
Your presence is what is worth,
Time gave birth to this space in history,
Here you remain and you have somewhere to go,
A search you have begun inside,
If you ever have fun in these words,
You have abundant life more than you seek,
He who first made you smile,
They who read these lines,
You can see within what you search for,
Heat is over the oven and thank God bread is not inside,
Every line has a measure of humor if you extend one of all occasion,
Give your heart against the wind,
Trail across the ocean for the night,
Beginning is destiny and this is the message of time,
You have a life and uncompromised is this vision,
In the little books, it is read,
You have embed vision extending someone unlock,
The key is your heart,
Never part whole of what you are,
There is a scent undiscovered in pure water,
What makes ice float inside shells of air?
Tighten this and lighten outside,
God will be your saviour and cherished wish,
He who created has a plan,
Nothing ever forseeks this,
They who make this much never have seen ahead,
You have one more gift,
It is said that one day God didnt open the book of life,
Neither there was Christmas then,
Now that this war is over,
Let our world unite under one umbrella,
Where near and dear ones are near,
Furthening the strength of human without borders,
A travel time will take those three angels ahead,
For a search more precious than these three words,
Let me hope those three words ever made significance,
Peace, hope & joy make this difference more than life,
A time when deal extended for us has a meaning,
Let us cherish our blessings,
Let us step one step ahead from future,
Well there was a stranger who unlocked a time traveller,
Saved his shore and asked him count time between us and future,
He told his watch would like to see your time,
With pleasure was how much they have brought you back another new year,
Hope you who invited him in your life,
Never stop thinking where would he see you tomorrow inside,
Give a cause that lessens you,
Gift a will that safeguards you,
Grief a honesty that defends you,
Make your heart smile ahead!!!

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