A Night You Face Dark

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If your existence create this vacuum, there is a step beyond a life you live today. Have your comment here. :)

Submitted: April 19, 2016

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Submitted: April 19, 2016



If you can hide your face from the dark,

When night happens to be this dark,

As time wrinkles its form on its door,

Those who are near away being lost,

Everyone you find unknown cannot be felt within,

If you are surrounded by this space,

One day you will know this price is a silence of your story,

As every second seems to be its longest day,

In this graveyard you feel this body merges with the soil cover,

No resemblence is the spirit that left away this clothe,

When this passage of gestures only spark some noise in the heart unseen,

Today away in the midst of this crowd you feel emptiness,

It is no more dead but you seem thoughtless without materialism,

People feel they will be back once again from somewhere new,

Yet if every soul who transform this journey came from one energy,

You may like this mark by something way across on a feelings no more existed,

In this rack there is a character who transpose living concepts of one spirit,

This day only felt if our blood still runs like a living form in existence on Earth,

It is said every being share this secret what happens at night,

Many who will be given birth came from the deepest unconditional love born from this spirit,

God may only stream this energy for a new protrait that only dress HIS costume in a new form,

Once this night resumes its steps into our living world,

It is scary how we feel many mapped our existence felt this pain of seperation,

One day you will discover this story at the end of your days,

You will find this night unending unless given a new form of its crafts,

May be this life will crown your soul ahead in a given time of this unknown disappearance,

Your steps will be like a fallen economics of an empty valley finding new forms in making,

If you feel knowledge can bring you back into life again rising in the pain of an unknown sleep,

If you feel what you are blessed broke away from this mystic disappearance your spirit leave here,

If you feel when this night ends what happened may intervine in a life you lived here,

May the cause of your existence be the service of one religion called humanity,

May this giveaway you borrow in this gesture bring within you why you are here,

It is not for some space that you own in the next life as it exist,

Only one teacher who lived here may be your will of this treasure,

Give this goodnews as your ultimate song of being alive... :)  

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