A Priceless Key May Lead Ahead

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Have you ever thought why leaders are born? Delivering the mission in their footprints. A heart that stood among both the extremes of times. One just part wars away and other where the begining may lead this priceless note in time. Well I would say there are natural roles every human pays in many steps leading towards unique roles in this life. Had they not created for endurance our time would not have changed so much as goodnews spreads?

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Before I as the human being say any word more, let me recollect about a genius in his own words said few things in time. "Once as I recollect this shore, there were troubles yet we had dreams and we send our journey in midst of affliation. Tomorrow when we recollect history we cant be back in time. Today when I stand rich wherever the seasons take us let us bridge this gap", a true vision of a noble soul who lived in the 90's. It is said that he was never lost in the background yet all the far leading steps has granted this space than these words. Back in time, a work of genius again, wrote hundreds of letters and the person who delivered said to him, how far will you burn your soul? This is the world and how it can be? One step ahead than these words empathize situations, history is changing and I am in midst of this positivity. This article for the later dialects, say one point before there may never be any more words.

Any time you are ahead, there is a role where human life stood distinct. Someone in our midst never knew how far there is a journey at the both ends. In the honorable leaders, life has gifted us one step of transformation. These bridging gallery accomplish unique gap. We may ask each other in their age, why would they be stem and roots of the tough shedulde they have selected? A journey that kept them alive of the situation and magic there is the guidance of surprises. Will power matters in this relationship with the existence, had they made themselves selective for the timeless age they observe? As a civil servent I observe the simple gesture, they would affirm in spirit of the priceless key there may exist. But underlining these factor, more responsibilities than the day before them. As nature of service, they keep as threshold make even heavens ask one question, why cant you be more than this human begining in the nation building start from every home. Their struggle may be the safeguards whatsoever time and space can align with circumstances across the broadroom even in their age. Each time as we move on there is a finite step that rhythm with heart so far as the human reasons can invent before the immeasurable circumstances kept in remaking. Have this solution be created for one readings back where we could never be part with? These are some observation I keep about these immense treasure as the priceless key:

" Across the broadroom, someone read these pages. Even when words could take shape, there were reasons why we cant sequence the solution for one and all readings. Had they attended many discussions on that day, came back home and without worries about the difficulties of their age, stood like the glancing stars in the sky above our roof and made the day for the people they believe never invented but given abundance of freedom for safer begining in their lifes. This was an age before milestones away where we cant believe, why integrity, trust, hardwork and freedom from selfish greediness had motivated, appraised and cordinated beyond politics even at an age never guided by fear, faliure and fatal appearances? Had this been in real life is the gesture any greatest human can keep with! Some people may change by their workshop they have build but all the underlined pavement step towards a new begining from away there may be guidence from utmost life in accordance with the cornerstone they make decisions viable for the trust in our self. This is the first lesson and rest is a new begining always." :)

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