A Rainy Prayer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers

When I submit this poetry, I looked down the homeless and desperate people of my land who looks around for a hope that this rainy prayer be a great blessing for them. :)

If time waited with naked feet where we live together,

And handful untouched rain fleets our foregone spirit on a grain of truth off the old block,

Walking around your own tyranny not stopping on what we see here,

A good sport this daredevil plays touch like a landless soul lifting a hand out of the water,

Hiding a holy pie our lost cause rinse the living Earths eyelids like a man of spirit,

A little bird told me when water falls and Earth smiles,

This love taps a party to the strength of commonmans thirst,

A question hangs below draining unsheltered roofs dancing a tempest in this sacked night,

When my land stop crying yet the days hunt where high water cross borderline,

Yet the call of duty each rain drops speak gives a tomorrow abundant in all walk of greenery,

Any old witness may answer for unending shower,

But everything leave trials on our freedom marking this midnight warhorse,

Like standstill days silence costs speechless shade drawn unending with few spoken words,

When every birds drops their feather unstopping its beats above our hearts,

God may sustain this season at leisure with unending carnival of life around,

May be my guest whose fingertips behind one time may go and sustain greenery for this Living Earth,

Before one's time the mark on our homeless steps may not reveal to the enemy in vain,

In the biggest Christmas break beyond spring may help and source our needed prayer for fresh water,

This abundance may bid big shot and farewell likely to any deal not be a mysery for commonman,

Who lives around the freshness of the rain to toil the farmland for harvest,

Will bide one's time for a sacrifice greater than the great love in God's family as our promise?

Today this need question our heart beats I can watch,

And unseal my eyes through the air, land and sky saluting the new artists among one of us;

Traveling to unknown places the dark shadowy clouds on its distant waves sprout leaves falling some divine hands love,

As if some miracle to seek truth in all things,

The sun does not move to that dauntless temper of the Mother Earth's mind,

Yet God's valour to act in never knowing fate of protecting our sustianence here,

Calls again for every man who alone thinks so many new things this harmony forgets,

When I heard the rising winds and gliding waves ranged the mystical moist night air in perfect silence,

Before me I explore the heavens not to forget the commonman's columns before us,

Today our endearing dream weighs upon the heart the written meaning of your soul's pure truth,

Some great walkers I never knew liked this true restorative cordial days ahead,

For a blind bowl of fresh water if served with a smile,

May our needed gift of fresh water be the lifeline we are blessed here,

Sometimes when sky fall down and bite the dust on every rainy birthday suite,

Silence keeps bits and pieces boiling the living earth mad that feeds a blind date with the great love,

God may expect bone of contention if a holy bottom line call for help from the heaven above,

When this prayer bow out the gifts we break a spell for our cause living on this Earth as God's angels,

Who may not forget the breadwinner all the law look down for the salt of this living Earth,

Where a broken spelling mistake can be forgiven here,

Yet every source from the great love break the bank unforgettable for our guests may bring home peace,

A sign of blessing still always cannot answer the burning question within,

Can this concert call for serving our duty still not be a burden for the simplicity of a heart?

Angels here cast my mind back catching up with the guard caught looking for this freedom,

Your days still change my heart not losing the tune of our spirit,

May this destiny chained here and those changing hands check our character for this commitment... :)

Submitted: July 19, 2018

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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abir roy

Nice poem....

Thu, July 19th, 2018 4:47pm

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