A Silence Human Makes With Nature

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a script of a code written in the language of human fly. Read this and reassess your life if you were the person who address this!!!

Mother Nature kept away her secrets in destiny of human life,
A silence when Nations brim in fear of a catastrophe on Earth,
What do you want, life or destiny?, asked the angel.
If you choose life, you can live longer but who knows when!
If you choose destiny, you can leave everything behind your search!
I am on this planet and I can’t leave choices outdated, let me refer?
In the books of the life, it is written,
One in a billion beats can sound history unique,
This much is priceless is our time,
I need you, I answered.
What would the angel who came with Nature’s call dwell blindly?
He who is priceless can make destiny,
He who comes with power can empower his heart’s content for all,
But here is a Nation who needed to make this choice!
Unseen is their living,
People who lived under small huts thrown away into dust,
Their loved ones nowhere near but may not be back,
Stranded in their life, what brings joy again?
They have fewer chances of being well settled
As most of the population is old age,
Who will build them their lost village?
Why Nature keeps repeating this outrage every three generations?
Can you tell me why this, angel?
A living book opens its pages experiencing time and space
Constant changes keep roll of life live at the librarian shelf
We as angels call this imprint forgivingly forgotten behind the souls we guard
Infinity is this space and every rack opens up new speck
Sometimes the Earth machine needs rework
Nature create a fury where there is no one other than survival instinct
Howsoever humans have been making newer denominations
They created along traces of the jungle, one new society
This new region is a blessing in time we live and outlive commitments
In human history, there is a vision beneath the soul
In lifetime, we call this as living moments
For your wish, I stand beside you cherish these heartening moments.
The pages in the bookshelf read the story as you see in this life
Let us endeavor, empower and energize back in life from this new beginning
A prayer that we live up to the commitment we can observe
This is not just something ignorance can bleed
But something reassure our global community with heat beats in footprints!!!


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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