A Smile For Life Ever

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some light into the story that stars for new season in making a dream gifted for our home. A simple humor that is so fresh. A home so loving dear your heart welcome some gifts for the days ahead. Let us add more humor for this blessings.!!

The nightingale started its song,
I was awake till the last track,
Suddenly someone woke me up from this sleep,
The key for the alarm just went by,
I started my time away from the bed,
Light just visited like the sun away from rising,
The windows showed a mirage of morning breeze,
People were already making their way away from crowd,
I thought about everything yesterday how it was,
There were many who looked down for the change born within,
God gifted a new day to be with my friends not so boring,
Someone cemented my memories back in all the gossips around,
How will be updated new change in this new year?
Giveaway like a chariot of time in making,
A new puzzle thinking ahead of my time with someone new,
I began looking back for all the help I received,
This new year must start notes like accepting those grants,
For them who needed this the most,
By those who held till the grace,
With time who harvest till the ends,
I searched Google for all its face plus book,
A new message received shows that time is not for a game,
But without any game time will be standstill?
How can we accept those again?
Look if there is a small reason for all births,
There always been two characters from beginning,
Yet our story often meets new twist,
Think how life is our gift for thanksgiving,
All applause still for a tea maker at coffee shop,
May be in the noon I can skip the lunch,
Back in the cafe for a new coffee,
Meeting those who just change faces,
But there is a missing saint in all this prayer,
God may devote how we met again,
When it is Monday,
We rush in the early morning dining our shelf,
Not with wine but some cooked rice and curry,
I prefer washing all the utensils in my dream,
Rarely I prefer to keep away from kitchen,
It was all the thought before this happened,
You still sleep besides the pillow as it never happened,
When it is Tuesday,
I spent more time watering the plants,
Not with salt but some breeze as I passed by,
I prefer doing all the gardening all alone,
Rarely I had all the time for myself,
It was all the time before this disappeared,
Your words just clamped on the twist of breeze so happened,
When it is Wednesday,
I spent more work at homeworks,
Not will cane but some presentations as I played by,
I prefer whitewashing my home all myself,
It was the days that never remain same,
You are someone who started this journey with me somewhere,
When it is Thursday,
I waved more shopping at food mall,
Not with money but some credits from her wallet,
I prefer taking them for the best time I can spent,
It was the days that I always wanted to be spendthrift,
You just say no when it comes for money so earned,
When it is Friday,
I wanted more time at office before the weekend,
Not out of more pressure at home,
I prefer saving some less work for the next day,
It was the days that I never wanted the most,
You just live within these wordings,
When it is Saturday,
I just came out of the room awakened by all those thoughts,
Not out of some love I had for them,
I prefer that the days never will be another honeymoon,
It was the past time to be without wife at party,
You can only claim I never was so afraid without this separation,
When it is Sunday,
I just came outside my prayer at church for a time with family entertainment,
Not my time can be so free being never alone,
I prefer that the best time of enlighten is a healthy heart,
It was the past that I will never forget,
Today all the way back from night,
You light the candle beside my life with loved ones,
Someone light dinesh biddi looking anxiously at trespassers,
Life is a challenge in this university of weekdays,
The weekends never remain the same,
Our channels are the down line one dawn before I met here,
There is going to be a different story for all this,
Yet I feel what we prefer will never be past,
If this is such a sticky note,
What will be the best time we can never invent?
Someone who will mediate all the way with loving care,
Just to be so lively time is not for this,
My morning started,
There is a busy street and I was hurrying for my work,
The same street but some smile I can give them again,
How lively is the bird that soar against the sky limits?
I was searching this time again,
Finally one new year has come for all its cause,
If someone can make few intervals other than this script,
Can times tale land us back again?
Why would be this thought of a simple prayer?
Not for the lust of love,
But to be the simple gift if we can sketch some more colors,
May the gifted be the days that is again not so away,
Let God spend some time so lively for happiness so gracious,
If this is what we need for our family
Why would life is a line so on its tracks away from its branch?
I thought again,
If we are in this waiting list,
Let our prayers create tons of joy around one better world we have!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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