A Wish Of One Dad

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

So far has every wish ever made in these lines, I keep this with the Supreme entity for His promise made on hearts. Listen and give this as your heart can ever travel for the destiny ahead. :)

As far as the time make its updations,

May events with lifetime you live trillions of heart beats together,

Shape destiny for your family ever blessed,

Gift of eternity does make a promise besides me,

In my prayers, I wish your blessings may remain,

When you grow up,

I thank God that this is a blessing,

No far as ever miles away,

I am gifted with your presence,

I cant say who will ever forget,

When you were there I felt happiness within,

If God gives you a choice,

Let our prayers remain in this space together,

When you asked me which twinkling star you belong,

I had only one word parted in this life,

May be in this lifetime our kings in their kingdom,

Often little steps you made in destiny ahead,

May be those kings ever lived in those stars in the sky,

Give you like the rising star in the hearts of mine,

Your words and time with this life is unique,

Often in history,

Like everyone ever lived,

There was the struggle of prayers to gift eternity,

One voice as we are parted,

This space belongs to be art of your vision we kept in time,

I am here only to guide you,

When you challenge the bigger attractive platform of everlasting times,

I wondered where you are directed within hearts ahead,

Today I may or may not be your stepping ladder,

But the choice we have made is unique,

A bond to be tomorrow with all its blessing,

I cant say we can make much,

But this will give you another opportunity,

A news that would channel peace,

A reason that payoff misunderstanding in everyones struggle,

This is the making of you as within agreeable way of weights,

Every note you take granted,

I cannot say you will digest between the liberaties of knowledge,

 You have a rule for your liberty,

How angels detail every solution for your search gives you a roadmap,

This is the choice you have choosen,

Every life in this moment is unique,

We have read your every contribution like the moon in its final message,

You have a choice,

To meet silence with wisdom,

When you fail in this,

Truthfuly you are troubled,

All there is a season for the word,

I hope what your father in heaven have told you,

You are their voice but not their scapegoat,

You are their friend but not their disagreement,

When you find time,

Note you are so unique,

And in this response,

What I always wanted is nothing for myself,

But as you always say:

"In the pursuit of happiness this fruit till the end when you meet and win hearts,

In the life of gifts this flower till they mark and cross messages that are agreeable,

In every word of life this root till miles smile reason for outcomes where others follow,

You may make decisions that let reflect steriotypes get along difference and solve,

What never have human root in history made for?

Not commiting a challenge for HIS kingdom in the heaven above,

But in this search our hard earned discovery will lead us into steps,

Where we have solution that dont cost much for what we have already paid for?

We may fight but our satisfaction happens to be with agreement as simple as ordinary,

More making this as a spoken word,

You have a life,

Where your friends greet you in colors of the day,

Only mismatches greet them away,

For those that never could be accounted,

Let us give the will of tomorrow step into this day,

Not for the enemy within this change,

May be as little children of convinction,

Never always have claims but inside the tide that give waves,

God has openly granted this secret seed in your heart beats and every segment of life,

When you have a day like today,

Let us not keep these choices for tomorrow,

Live, let live and be alive awakened every single note you are here,

I hope you will have a nice day like never before,

Let us bridge this channel with peace,

Let us check this path with hope,

Let us unite this goal with joy,

This is the prayer one true human if ever wished to ask God for a wish!!! "


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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