A Wish With Christmas Child

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This from words that bind rhythm of every Christmas season gives a lasting blessing!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



If my heart look for a living room ever,

Much beyond time nourish segments of its gift,

Alive between listening sphere,

For one challenge making difference,

Only HIS heart knows those pain,

Any lasting entry for everlasting blessing?

Where ordinary life lives,

Can they have a space called home?

Where there is pure drinking water,

Can they peacefully coexist?

Where our race sustains,

Can anyone forget how much every smile may bear a name?

Tears come in my eyes,

Yet I smile with this heart,

Where listening within cant cope adventure,

Can they win humanity the will for your healing touch?

Loving your presence in the light,

Searching the opposite of dark at night,

Judging another remaking of history on our travel,

Can we begin those pieces of clay in the best where we have a role?

Hardened to take shape,

Our struggle for survival,

Prayer and endurance holding our faith,

One twinkling star will visit the heavenly sealed fate,

May heavens accept ordeals,

Bless human family as eternity give wordings on life,

A prayer ever made,

Let darkness dont target our lifes,

The life we got,

The days we live,

Those sharing family moments,

Those unforgetable gesture of happiness,

Those smiling cherished blessing,

Last long more everyday,

Lay down our arms,

Like human than animal,

One unknown time gift,

May see pass hands,

Towards freedom ever made,

Till history ever harvest,

Destiny for one human family ever made,

Always for a time humanity ever greets,

Awakening brighter human existence,

Let this happen in my life,

Let us stand together,

Let human story guide universally,

Once again time labours,

One day more lifetime,

On HIS everlasting spirit,

In this blessed moment....

+ All may live this unending truth everlasting +


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