A word with Obama

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An American cowboy had been through a tough day welcoming his guest ride along California beach and saw two people just came by that shore. His Smartphone rang and twisters gambled across the cheeks of an old senator’s sundial which happened to be his guest onshore. Dwindling by the wind unseen so much was the trouble for the HBS school guide has he ever plowed one tap across the table, what made an Hawaii born be the responsible entrust of a nation of today’s modern charisma. This is one gain that no one have worked out how sharing with communion transformed an entity in time a reality met in the life of the leader, cant we all can make a step for this young cowboy in you who may indeed be sublime towards many pressures yet be the man in a trillion years. Look towards reading a volume inside the pride to make it shine.
The young soldier was being airlifted for Afghanistan that day. Some young minds would listened his yearlong tale and when you toll down this ladder into daring courage of novelty, some youngsters would come by your side telling you one real life tale of a talk with President Barack Obama, on a long travel into the world of reality from the priceless tone of human self assuring the dream of one world, a day that challenged him with assurance of this true spirit. This may have been envisioned by many buying cart in the pride and humor contributes of the time, space and magic. It started from the day they set for a war and five of them had said these few contribution over the American cowboys California’s hut and said a word back listening. ?

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



This account could never be forgotten. Had we not attended the defense college inauguration session late semester! One of them told, we have a new year and comes with lots of hope for the transition in midst. I have seen those green fields of a summer season when Henry Ford made the new age wheel in the roads of this town. Today his asset had spring shores of new greenery in all fields. We and all of us here often laid beneath us the true armor of human soul in little steps we claimed to climb. Sometimes we plunged into the dust yet were united for the freedom we would have proclaimed for independence. This independence cannot be measured in the symbol of stars in our national flag. But beyond times we never want to belaid down vision of our age fallen across uncertain progressions. Why do we want Barack Obama as the president?, a young kid asked his father and this is what the American Cowboy said to his son in a series of dialects.

American: "When you grow up and look ahead, you will have a necessity towards meeting requisite from beginning of every day. It would associate with lots of people and some stay in the big picture always, may be you or anyone else. As you embrace this time we would assure that some people witness the role they play most admirably and stay in one picture throughout a long time of the tenure. When you know that the right person who are made always areone step ahead for a new season, youhave to choose whatthe people of a freeworld want first when youmake up for those sky limits. Along with this tidethere is a reason evolving from the background that you see and read in the daily times ahead. When you count on someone makes him known from your heart in every cornerstone capturing delight of Almighty’s creation and the poll of an access honors this person among young generation one step across miles beyond his tenure, as like never before comes commitment not only on fulfillment; this compassion young hearts listen to be little steps once you come across faces you may not likely conclude alike. This is an age you have to be aware in meanings strangers deliver and never collect profound compassion been as a flowing river.”

Cowboy: “Like as a true citizen of a democratic state, I am nowhere out of the markets which sold my crop before the Reuters send the dove faster than those days mail wagon. Today I see as a true need health assurance made real worthy for everyone here. When hurricanes struck we were lost in a disaster recovery system that amounted a big loss of life; My dearest ones unemployment wages couldn’t even maintained bybanks and they send their troops down in the background where shelters for the homeless, family made on real bonds of lasting relationshipsin all federal states and to some extend a world freeof crimes was gone into dust with the name of survival of the fittest when we really mean of the coexistence .Little I know about meltdown that relatedfor very meansofour existence butit is already proven within limited meansand few actions.What measure should be done ifa family needs real credit on proven statistics affordable on these grounds?”

Solider: “There was always respond why we grew up as social animal. When war saw strains of blood and we fight even knowing that this is not for one quest we are being broadcasted and laid down on the soil of a strange land; the encounter would have stabilize some pain, gain amid aims. We see future that we can be withhold in times far aside. We always make others proud for one true stimulus but for the betterment we can make. Our people truly are aware of the cost of ammunitions yet we build them as we are not alone here making the future of a kind of destiny that we have find workspace without reasons why we assure need for work plans in future that others make us insecure. There is gratitude for us why we cannot be parted back if we are a part of the larger segment without draining back one near step in human charisma. And those days where in the whole story of making troubles in the neighborhood; When today one of the arms selling in the making is some revenue and that still is a stimulus out in the world market. As solider we are told not to reveal the code yet media take it always in the otherside.Huh!”

Senator: “We less learns from future we predict unless we know what are happening around in the present time of our story. This is a time on the history we look forward from emerging nations and human factor of influence making everyone stay afloat near yet a far reaching shore of our planet safe, secure and sustainable earth. One symbol of persistence in this direction saw the rise of greener technologies and that looks down into newer sensitivity on the market index. Imagine the crew race the alarm in the desk of this investment era when we have towards new realization that we have to make the best under these stage. We work for this honor they have kept us making here with pride and making every corner a reality for all at all-time. :)"

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