Something awakens the rhythm of a miracle into peace. We must give this vision for the reason why we are on this living Earth with greater compassion to be happy and loved each moment ahead.

Through your thoughts towards the end of uncertainty,

Tells a hopeful future on our untimely events kissing the certainty,

Three Kings lost on this location reserved to love others,

Difficulties never profited hatred to achieve them,

Courageous ways for peace most welcome heartstrings into infinity,

This journey reborn to tell its imprints on some unusual things,

One world beyond differences kept their faith of a hopeful future,

Today their true work blossom everlasting truths of their founders,

Some say this bible blessed the prayer of our infinite faith within,

One source nurturing love from carrying out the final judgement,

One planet follows the want to spread God’s love,

One people where wisdom decides what is right will save the Earth,

Together will serve to eliminate all conflicts from this universe,

I understood it cannot be easily and fully understood in this wish,

Howsoever faithful for every moment on something more acceptable,

To prosper the age of love and mercy has arrived,

Just allow this sacrifice that stems from your great enlightenment,

God waited so long only remained at their arrival,

I am so thankful the three kings as a savior made what is right,

Being human inhabited their bodies to live on our living Earth,

Whenever your experience as facts and untruths against this source,

Will face after expressions denying the light that rebuild your life,

There is a true fortune says one day you will face after death,

That each of you endowed with a part of His light to accomplish it,

At the root of His greater plans open a bright future up to a road,

Where we are visitors from what the true mystical power is a sacrifice,

Surrounding the worst is never going to happen for an ardent believer,

Such miracles where life stops from what it should motivate,

New genesis within the Gods of the Earth when evidence evolves a defence,

Its teaching narrowed down further speaks where justice wins,

There is a help draw people’s interest than as a mere human being,

Through your destiny awaken an eternal immortal being,

From this core consciousness decides who taught us the distinction,

Everything born on Earth in the future should rely on this commitment,

Under this choice the beginning will assume peace at some point in time,

Where freedom feel how vast the world is a paid consultation,

What will happen if your greatest essential awaits after the existence,

So far our roles testify an observant to foresee everything said,

And let this beautiful faith in an eternal law meet one wish,

Invites the way for peace that understands God's kindness,

What you say holds how many times there is a longtime feedback,

For the reason why this Living Earth look young and ageless,

Always is attentive in every way as the distance you reach checks infinity,

Very seriously alerts something from you,

Perhaps we are living in such times,

May you lead every good moment truly protects us,

And secures the strength to lead the world each day that inspires everyone,

That shall benefit humankind or the people of future generations,

In every way make your life like this true unconditional sacrifice,

Never sells this meeting yet they honestly do!

Submitted: May 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Wed, May 4th, 2022 10:57pm

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