An Easter time with candle light

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Greatness of your life doesnt depend how much you have gone wrong. Giving away the gift of your time with those who merit is always the best compassion our world require. Gratitude towards those who helped you and this time Easter occasion may land you ahead of the best prospects, fulfill the better than one true life we can ever become renewed for goodnews. Let this piece of my true work regain the love of the teacher who ever made you like this magic in HIS heart, life and acts.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



So pure gracious creation for God loved us with all HIS gifts,
If one teacher taught us beyond much we have ever blessed,
For this true story what will be left in the times ahead?
What can we then take with us for what we are?
In this fold of history as gestures with some memories,
We leave back something in this time space and history,
This Easter as far as we count within our hearts content,
We share unique distinction making lifetime better for all,
Selling hope, peace and joy for our neighbourhood,
This Easter promotes realm of responsibilities,
For HIS righteousness our commitment choose conscious acts,
In this precision friendship give new roles for your inner guardian,
They are like waves in the ocean that never wrinkle with discipline,
In this true connections some guiding light live compassionate thoughts,
They are your experiences in making you live each true life,
In this Easter cherish your universe feel you lived your whole life today,
Tomorrow collect those pieces renovating for timeless worth excellence,
Be reconstructing your past one step out of box as small as images,
Now it is the special moment you cannot never forget,
It gives your day change problems as possibility with learning,
When you come close counselling whole life in this leaning,
When you ever feel welcoming problems can be your life,
This day says you present an opportunity that unpack future,
God see this world differently,
Like inequality falling apart,
God works for essential coaches like you in HIS study table,
Your route may be blank,
God pieces your life-long journey with this experience ahead,
Life seeks change,
God deals with your discovery of yourself each day,
When you pray with soulful spirit,
God cultivates translation with what you can reward as results,
Those cognitive patterned memory skills gives helps your initiation,
God never discriminates one's own and others expect grades your knowledge learned daily,
This is an ladder firmly with your emotional ability fully,
You set self-awareness while you climb,
God planks oneself for managing this empathy of others,
Without this social expert,
Your social concern never bond so alone in this purpose,
There is a world you ever deeply listened,
This destination shapes every dream,
God is just a channel towards this means never an end,
Teachers gifts are your day,
The night mobs your time for rest yet you listen,
There is no end when you feel from inside,
This Easter be loved with HIS heart as close as your imprints,
Thank steps God ever left in this platform ever untold,
Why would God spent all HIS fortune for your time so with changes?
God must have again fall in love with one person,
Teacher told this story for our creation,
Life itself is the greatest teacher,
Why would then disciples like few ever been summoned in this era for the rest?
Findings ever made in History tells another story,
Yet God never sends hidden in these words what create life before your copy,
This Easter is just what is unread from the time life ever made so simple,
So special may be God cannot just be the actor but the player,
The play moves on the rail,
Without the route for the tracks,
The change is underlined but no so wrong as it is read,
You are one among the light for the many who ever made ahead,
The experiment is the arena,
Every time as the play starts,
Something comes in the front towards the chorus,
The last time thanksgiving words ever made,
Created so much vacuum that whole story just made its beginning,
Yet this day cannot be separated as the time so vast,
This new Easter rejoins our loved ones with heart's content,
With many true path aside life in the beginning,
Help those in need and create your life with gifted time ahead,
You made observation as gifted fortune for those who get assistance with prayers,
May everytime your heart cherish the best for our world free from diseases, pain, greed, poverty, hunger & hatred,

This time let me wish you spent this time with all your loved ones tons of fun, happiness and best awesome joyful spirit.

© Copyright 2017 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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