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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

A simple making of a true soul within you. Feel so awesome in this draft. Let you benefit all the way ahead. :)

I look back endlessly in a mirror of all living foundations,

So fragile I graft one promise drafted on its naked branch,

Thrown into this sea which no one could count,

Like wilderness on the grass of our Earth,

Who hear this trumphet pluck withered voice within,

In those days if traitors deliver evildoers down your life,

Are you the promise God will work upon this takeaway?

If you tremble on the obedience for you are not ashamed what you can sell,

In truth your hearts earnest desire may not suffer any wrong,

For this riches of the fragrance of creators knowledge in every palace of wisdom,

May fill the veil of all treasure earthen in living spirit of God,

Who has shone in your heart at the end of what was passing away,

May excel on every abundance what made humanity so glorious,

Like any star in the heaven God so loved inexpressable competency exalted in you though I am only nothing,

All wonders in this mighty deeds is made so perfect in all perseverance of your passion to excel,

Being crafty outbursts of blended faith in yourself may test what is disqualified,

In rememberance of the highest dont broke off from fullest of your strengths on this natural branch of time,

No king can make you so rich as you are,

Yet kings have reigned even when defeat couldnt kill you,

When you recieve God from all figuratively personification of one's love may where we belong for this existence on Earth,

If you do not depart from repaying what you owe dwelling in this trust in your soul within,

May be merciful send from heaven will prepare your days dwell in safety,

Will the voice of my prayer judge the integrity within me?

I wish so if God tests my hearts and mind for the cause of no honor in the dusty ends,

Upright in this self may save my belongings for the next day ahead in peace and healthy fortunes,

One day when I return back yielding its fruits of the mystic living tree,

Gone in the wind may behold the first foundation so blessed,

And may those who are written for the last reign forever,

Live forever before the angel in my eyes who showed me these things first.. :)

Submitted: November 14, 2015

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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