Away From History

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Life is a simple dream ahead of history in making true love for the creator. I have only added this friendship here. :)

Submitted: November 19, 2015

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Submitted: November 19, 2015



If we can find enemies,

So doubtful be this space so spoken in the word of God rinse a dream we are answerable, right?

If we can make friends,

So gracious be this life so loved in the light of heaven gift a compassion we are accountable, right?

If we can fall within,

So courageous be this existence so scarce in the heart of within reason a passion we are unforgettable, right?

If we can share gifts,

So healing be this spirit so cherished in the lifeline of source lighten an admiration we are cared, right?

If we can harvest peace,

So helpful be this hope so grateful in the milestones of smile live upto faith we are cleansed, right?

If we can forgive crimes,

So harmonious be this inspiration so touch in the life of commitments delight a surprise we are awaken, right,

If we can mentor generations,

So fruitful be this knowledge so compiled in the vision of teachers inherit blessed wisdom we are helpful, right?

If we can think innovation,

So superior be this will of power within may shape times ahead so are creations written in a goodwill we are healthy, right?

If we can dream big,

So motivate be this spirit of joy may follow the deepest ocean rich in wealth so may make who we are, right?

If we can fight everlong,

So righteous be this duty of soul may credit our world full of loving care it may harvest we may sublime, right?

If we can pray submission,

So gracious be our stars in the skyline may stop beneath our mission we may ever contribute for all we must accept, right?

If we can carve scripture,

So liveliness be crafts our carpenter own for taking shape unearthen in the beauty of the language of the life so we are born, right?

If we can rest forever,

So time be our history one day we make for the well-being of others written in the entire lifelong voice we may address, right?

If we can stop again,

So nothing be our emptiness we are so wrapped around for our daily entitlement our days may not be spent for its worth, right?

If you can make this love of God so filling for the reason why we exist...

If we can count this passage of time so inherited for the lessons why we dream...

If all can sell this wealth of generations so passionate for the space why we live...

If God can color this birth of evolutions so fittest for the survival why we sustain...

One day you will make this tribute in the courage of all lost story in gestures visited..

Ever this dawn may bring our hearts in the willingness of all glory we meet in this way..

If time we have create this love of friendship within for the greatness of all kings in the stars that twinkle above our roof,

When true devotion meet this scholar,

Will the greatest teacher our world ever seen forget how we can be so curious while I wrtite this note ever born alive?

For our life is a map of thoughts seeded in the mind,

Yet this note is a make of within superior in this lifetime,

I have only drafted the last outcome from the best word we can act,

If every answer stop by this right time so acquainted,

You are the love for making a difference only where you stop experiencing this truth,

Only never will be the time all you make only for this day,

Start rethinking how we can dispose this feeling of being lost ever since time took birth,

Yet may never stop for the simple cause why you exist.

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