Be My Light Days Within My Own Self

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When we are blessed in this true tribute, I want to thank God for all the life you have gifted us. May be this spiritual darkness come be my light. :)

Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Submitted: January 18, 2016



Have you ever thought of meeting someone who just cant forget your first smile? 

May be this darkness come by the light that is so revealing about true love,

Do you believe in love?

If God is Love, our time is wanting this expressing you may not forget, right?

First time in my life when we all question this prayer,

How we express our feeling in the acceptance of love?

Do you feel this is a lasting surrender of our time for new meaning?

If you don't really get what I want,

Today We feel time restrain many path only to spend rest of our life not forgetting the path from where we came back into life I live today,

It is only a journey that I wanted to remake, really?

Is there any second chance until this is not a misunderstanding for all we are born for?

Our spiritual darkness come be my light from a prayer that give courage to live ahead.

Are you just lovely spending the rest of you time just what is imprinted on this reading wall?

For all we are now started on one such day, very truly?

I have never personally met our queen. 

Yet every knight has be renowned by the grace we toil and love for the salt of this Earth. 

Who is your Queen?

Who gave us courage to complete till this day we never refused to do bring in their broken homes blessing of complete sacrifice when time go of granting freedom of choice?

Who is our God? 

Who granted this permission when we took every step away from deep dark within for our own little ones not the kind of voice so quoted yet the first step was indeed in thoughts will and the last request never forbade us even to think how it feels in understanding the silence of prayer for remaking all this strange human desires in perfect trust and sincerity telling the world how adding a call in total faith brings back in us a conscience that we werent finally wrong as we are HIS instruments, nothing more.

What is the joy I seek?

A personal end of this situation, I willingly obey in a hope to do and be worthy of just one soul on whom I so much depend, for an assurance I endorse the responsibility in this life, to offer my time that the joy I seek come be my light in all those promise I act humbly ever, may all this pleasure in these time be laid in all I will oblige and truly recoginize for what is wanting in me.

Where is my gospel?

Forgiving this little child for the spiritual darkness I suffer. Lifeline is the greatest mercy how much I work will deepen who is longing for all things I give for God. I trust service of poor in every sense for this mercy. Light takes me from the place I am born towards where I tire hope many will be not deprived of so much love. I trust in Lord and may every poor nuns covered with the poverty of the Cross gain in hearts wonders of all HIS world been and spoke of the Rosary. This work of unconditional love and self-sacrifice is my gospel.

Why I am here?

As year comes by when no search seeks true reservations in many questions solely may live our faith for HIS solutions, I live God-centric prevailing plans persistent personally preparing in prayers for self-sufficient loved inexhaustible reasons why I am here. This grace never undone in Gods kingdom present feast brought with lifes zealous workers gathered not refusing accepting what is the radiance covered in white clothe of Charity for always I am weak before the supreme souls brought me so far. I am terribly afraid pleasing Thy own will blindly may not second to my inner suffering that will comes from the comfort not taken by the possession of my heart yet when I trust blindly. If this crowd face care be the victim from written hands of Gods immolation in your true love of Christ, I only knew cannot kill any desires of your life for why you are here. If you trust in this faith, I stand in their midst besides all my prayers for the whole life in a single word may be your true faith for one humanity.  

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