Change is not like spoon feeding

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When we cant face winding time with defeat, one thing is certain... we call this... change if we imagine infinity is at our intermittent footsteps... and this longing hour someone has been churning the ocean for the immortal nectar hidden in the corridors of time... what happens next is this poem? really... just undermine the brainstorming details or face the defeat of this never end called Change!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



There is a world outside to greet you,

It says you are born in an infant time,

When did you first learned that you are the change Jesus want to see in this small world we have?

Did you find yourself among every day of this changing life?

From the heavens above where crystals are the passage of time,

All you wondered about this universe never stood within your stake,

If you become the channel of entertainment with what you are,

Time may behead you but this is one match where you play now,

Your life has another starting point with any dinner ever served,

Wonders in the sky ever told one story,

It has awesome message for everyone ever lived,

With blessings all the way there is story of an infant time,

Like almost born churned the ocean for fascinating things,

At chalice of the nectar this person inside you remain utmost guardian,

For the lineage choice of this unborn gift of these time,

Someone is testing your choice landing in the midst of fate and time,

Like the stars so sweet in their kingdom,

In the night and day we cried and laughed together,

There is a magic that found your way so lovingly,

A stream of sweet joy that meet on the way,

When you meddle less and observe more,

The potion of nectar live with all its meaningless beauty,

Giving you a chance to concede defeat towards think less and happen more,

Why kill oneself with every wasted moment?

Why then all this unnecessary angst?

In our maiden land there is a lifelong happiness stopping with events,

Happiness everywhere that rise with seeds sown,

In every heart of our shining star there is a shade,

Everything from your belongings share one story,

Change is inevitable but not inside every breath for this trust,

You are life of every star shining in their divisions laid,

Your time is precious and more abundant than the gift of this light,

You are made for this life unless never parted,

If change is imposed than delegated,

We belong somewhere within the branches of fate where we pluck dreams,

If change is dark than shade,

We belong within some place the light of wisdom where new horizon live,

If change is tide than time,

We belong where simple thought of gratitude live ahead for new reason,

If change is another helping hand,

We become where there is plenty of life to be lived,

Where is the fight of this change leading you?

Have your valuations stood where this strange gift ever lived?

Have you been alone chasing this dream?

If so you can know you have the noted change of these time,

You are just infant wisdom of HIS grace,

The strangers from somewhere granted you this day afresh,

For all time can gift you,

Your belonging step towards greeting your heart's content,

If you are alert with head your choice cannot be wrong,

But this cannot give you what is right?

Change that comes is not like spoon feeding,

Every time this is not broken with healthy outlook,

There is a day born in life to give you new headlines,

And the newspaper in this morning has a message,

We cannot fail with change but only strengthen our limits before the truth,

The question of mass destitute among little heart cannot be conviction,

There is a day and night for any change,

Little did the morning light weave among these gentle gift of these times lived,

Change can be certainty but not our life,

Everything issue notice if you are laid in the vote bank of space,

The day weave both unborn and reality in these times,

Only one choice is certain,

Have we lived up to our commitment for the choice we have kept ahead?

If so, this margin we observe has tomorrow,

But why cant you feed the change for its seasons?

Imagine you meet the fairy of all angels,

They gifted you one challenge like never written in words,

They belong together with you along this passage of the worldly gift,

Your price that you asked was very simple,

You wanted all that life has blessed may sustain,

In their horizon there is a rule,

Those few who lived committed remain,

They who founded life compartment rest,

And the last rule with them who found to be along with them,

Who are you? asked the fairy

I am only your commander of your gifts. told the child

Where did you come from? asked one stranger

I come from the planet where change is certain but always costly, told the child

What can I do for you? asked the fairy

Hide your face with them, warned the kings of stars

Still I like to live with your blessings granted, told the child

Wings stretched the lands,

It was one time set for the beginning of another war,

What do you see? asked one stranger

The child stood speechless but smile inside to greet them,

Are your preparation for the change inevitable? asked one fairy

I dont know why I came here in all these span of life,

They take everything granted and many cant even survive the landing horizon,

Just let them sell this note in their heart's content I have shared with you,

We made this time and someone should meet the consequence of time laid,

Here we thrive and live,

This is one of infinite incarnations we are blessed together with your presence,

So that we spoon feed the remains of this change with love,

But never take the change is spoon feeding itself,

Let us stay seperate in time,

The time which remain created gave your life towards this energy in the tablets,

There is a window besides these life,

It opens sensibly without being broken with panes,

There is a passage besides their living,

Every note changes their survival,

Are we not committed with them all the way your messenger may live for this last imprint early in time?

Can you grant this wish?

If you ever read this,

Change is granting some blessings,

Let these blessing live with my loved ones,

And let your last imprint may survive,

Leaving a final note in these pages,

Before the days ahead,

When the real change cannot be predicted,


+May last till this blessing remain+

© Copyright 2017 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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