Chosen To Wait

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Let us contribute for a life with all the gifts we can share and earn a day loved to respect each other. May this blessing be your success in this lifetime. :)

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



Smile and say hello what makes our world a wonderful gift,

Others belong to us as well who can't help you,

You are important not just asking what's in it for me,

Today God finds a way unavoidable with utmost care,

Man thinks and proposes a well premeditated plans also fail at the last minute,

But God decides and disposes for a life very tough even in heaven,

Once we forget to laugh about what makes life fun,

Not just the star that glow like a Christmas tree,

Looking at the rising sun tuned in the destiny of every human being,

What goes on inside with what I thought,

What goes on outside with what I wanted,

Bear in mind you have a inner commitment to face these times,

Men who will rejoice with your nectared wine,

They turn and go when you must drink life's gall,

Here your optimism has a secret ingredient,

May this euphoria effect always be ready to see the humanism of the great love and magic of peace,

Here your enthusiasm has a curious need,

May this want fully measure yet subdue another habit of all your pleasure,

To ask these questions am I making any closer to your purpose in this life,

May maturity in peace to know more,

May you grow up in this habit,

May the daily choice of right over wrong take and make intelligently,

When you are chosen to wait,

Less is more for too long you may culture,

What this world do despite what goodnews told us,

May you not be fallen without respecting everyone,

Here our living moment is everything,

Let us drive this nomination the way life treats how to form this Character,

May be within you must face this sudden outbreak of war,

May be outside your precious time must fall into this hour slowly but surely,

Once you learn to quit things losers don't want to do,

God will honor a day you are chosen to wait,

Let us fulfill this grace from heaven for all the blessings you are here... :)

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