Conquer Her Darkness

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I like this poem so way back from life again for all who loved to read this. :)

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



Silent soul never so memorable speaks keeping a distance from this artist,

Her life within guards near a nights call you cry for seperation,

Every touch unspeakable in youth life or death itself sweeps burden from hearts,

In this childhood a song thanks Gods presence in unknown chants,

Where loved ones cage their gestures unformed in words,

Her mind feels a leaf above this unnatural glassdoors,

You didnt knew why this gone deep sleep awake guardians dearest possessions,

She never delighted this broken heart forever,

Yet behind a flow where birth of life harvest a message,

Like a sand written in the natural taste of this Earth,

Every dead emotions you cherish may long for strength in every communion,

Your depth of fire within consume this song of life,

Dreams only remain as our inspiration again,

She never loved you nor needed your presence again,

You became a bird so far away routes enchanted tracks for its home,

For your younger days shaded a climate covering this arena,

Life never been so humble before this song of a silent wave,

Beneath Her soul a fragrance feels this unwritten climate of dead heaven,

There is a trade happening in this given space,

People still feel every weaver touch what can bought for a price,

This entire creation rumours a feeling untouched from flow of life within,

Her life for you never been the song of your heart till now,

I only knew you were unseperable from Gods love,

Every source of my expression is a heritage you track those undead steps,

This time feels taken away by emotions of a mind,

Still like an infant you have drenched all your life like a caged bird,

Language heaven has always made closeness with your heart feel like its beauty,

May days where you bring happiness feel a captive stranger in this street,

I ask your owner of this soul listen why you are born here,

For this unknown way locks the one heaven your heart felt this closeness,

When you travel this one step you love ahead for being yours,

An alltime help God can grant will come from your willingness,

Try to know the truth She is the scent of this fallen spirit of darkness,

Your ignorance of knowledge will lead you towards Her,

Yesterday a homely story gaveaway everything for your life,

Today this greatness humble Gods gifts for your harvest in this new life,

Tomorrow closeness with heart may give you simple grants that may not fail happiness,

You may experience this happiness felt ever will always love your new life again.

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