Daily Vision for New Year 2014

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

All you can serve this New Year 2014 is treasured here. Let us step ahead. :)

In this new year happiness speak so humble,

Inside our heart for greatest sacrifices to be loved,

Someone offers memories of unheard delight,

A candle light serve images blend in Nature's reality,

If your heart devote in duty soulful faith to be desired,

You will stay healthy in power of the Almighty,

When you return a favour days search unknown treasure,

Today you have reason for all verses of accomplished wealth,

When you step forever with every ideal GoodNews,

This word express more than one instrument of commitment,

May greatest kings of heaven who once realised this dream,

For honour life gave you this role to be prosperous,

As I paint one picture through words,

A stranger listens this prayer for a true tribute,

Life steps in many inspiring young mind helping them support your contribution,

Let's put this plough in streets for vital combinations,

Across our ecosystem dwell infinite habitats,

They need amenities for mutual sustainence,

Alphabets are matchless in conservation of such natural environment,

Living in an edge of turning point is our new generation,

Look around billions struggle without any roof,

Where everyday life blooms be happy to share your wealth,

In a time understanding means meaning of a prayer,

Your distinction within never wrinkles for what you can offer,

Our passion reminds us journey of a lifetime,

God may guide shining star before your vision,

Let us just step in those footprints,

Life is a joy we can welcome,

Life is not journey which ends,

Life is a hope we can cherish,

Life is not homeless which strays,

Life is a beauty we can promise,

Life is not breathless which perish,

Life is a game we can play,

Life is not giveaway which exhaust,

Life is a peace we can pray,

Life is not pitch which persist,

All you need is a burning desire,

All you spend is a persistence,

All you test is a determination,

All you win is a harvest,

All you harvest is a service,

All you labour is a fruit,

This fruit is a destiny you start,

For pages in history can never bring again,

In this promise we start a new year,

Your loved ones bring lot of gestures unforgetable,

Their needs your assistance in this helping hand,

Let us bring lots of such initiative,

If success is something you forget last year,

Let this year forget failures we can exercise imprints,

There is a twinkling star in the horizon above your roof,

Those visitors glance every step of your fortune expressed forever,

Yet your heart inside this existence tells a story,

It is about a home where your life starts,

One thread of inheritance gifted you timeless designs,

Joining in this shore there is a jungle book of time,

Here you weave every single thread of this dream,

Whenever you win or lose this communion still remains,

Just discover thanksgiving blessings you can unite with loved suites,

You have this new year with all your life ever desired,

Fulfill a dream we like you to discover,

We like you for this spirit of God's gift,

Let us welcome every heart in this mine of time and space,

If you corner difficulty your greatest wealth is perfect self-expression with responsibility,

This divine wealth attract sweeping all situations of life,

Be freed true to the light within,

Let God make this changeless law for the greatest teacher as your guardian,

If you translate richness as faculty of your faith,

A man of divine spirit Lord just asks you for awakening,

In this channel of enlightment life is a loved soul of God's affirmation,

Let us spent this wisely,

As you power all causes of success,

Some source within you may always carry this lifetime message,

Let us ignite this little heartening courage all the way ahead,

In this New Year may God Bless You & Your Loved Ones,

Let us fill blessings for tons of joy within,

May you live a happy lifetime for all loved ones at home,

Goodness of your heart may reward all with love and tons of good wishes,


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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