Do you believe in God?

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I always write summaries told by fairies that stay besides me. lol. However this essay is true viewpoint of many imprints. If you want to know more read, the King Solomon's proverbs. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



I dont have any myth beyond these lines written within your possessions that make new crossroads give one submission for the challenging days ahead. Sometimes may not in these words so far for sharing one simplicity making life ahead when we are binding by the conduct of resonances. For another attraction binding unique entities, God may be like humans gives us a new life becoming our ubiquitous role. Sometimes such commitment live like with offerings acting against another transition that makes new episodes in lifetime from where we came from? Always we believe in Heaven and this foundation, what would real Almight's have created us all for whom? ***************************************************************************

It was success at real shine of the presence of the truth that makes new journey chasing ahead in search for one entity unraveling every episoded our unwise myth makes. We seek God and believe his gift is power saver for the rest of us. We search for Almight's presence everywhere thats made; Yet at reinsance someone laid imprint as much we have flirt, the role we seek becoming destiny. God gives one of his presence as your heart lightens uplifting the gift of his children's in all societies, the teacher told. One unique plan and another dream cherished ahead when his challenges are infinite, God makes new role among them. When will new seeker's of this mission step out for new roles? Have you heard the supply chain of one human family chained in lexicon? Do you see the love for the passion God has brought up? Everyone making new fortune in search of this logo;The truth just unwinding making the merit of our existence; How much would we lay our abundant faith in his possession? ***************************************************************************

You have a reason why we picked up the rest from souls in this life, Pondering on suggestions that may uplift mankind, I say the world let know the spirit of eternity unless we standarise surprises for the unfortunates around where.. His GoodNews may have remade solutions. His Gifts may had already resolved. His Glory may have reinvented exits. His Grace will add more abundant life. Yet Almighty's grace forgive one solution for those living in the need For peace, hope and joy with loving heartbeats in prayers everyone seek his presence with joy within your simple search remain so much restraint at the end. I wish you goodnews for luck, gifts, life, loving living moments more than this much. ***************************************************************************

These are tablets of lines written with gratitude with the divinity and his least blessing for all, I would say as grace. You made something worth while then that makes your loved ones enjoy with gratitude. For them, you are almost like God as you gave them new life. Even beneath these thoughts, someone above the sky limits scaled the picture of yours before you were born that imprints can even change the fate you are previewing daily. If you could stand in the test of fire unless you make your simplicity of this heart resonate what cant even stand your ultimate gesture in heaven, it is better you obey the first rule: There is someone known as Almighty's who has the debate unending with you for ultimately who would you be and be never in the search for what change you can be better for at least one person more important than your life. If your soul speaks this person's gift inside the imprint of your soul then only the man in the mirror can see what you will be in these times ahead.

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