Dont Sink Your Globe

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Life give new threads. Let us bridge one true possession in this lifetime. When your globe exceeds one tool rinse adding free space. You are a part and parcel of this new sphere. Here I can add only few words in these lines. These are series of riddles your portion of life can bring and bridge again. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



I call this essay as new thread that spin up the ladder called vision bridging a catch accomplising few meanings many have explored and none needed loss. This is written by a person whose source of meanings would come how much guardians of ones existence are priceless always. Let me give a challenge driving certainity into this open space where we are. There are stories, riddles and notes that have been part and parcel of this daily sphere.

Where our mission and vision lies in the happiness of our loved ones sake. Do you bridge goals that were only a part and parcel of where you are? Across world heritage people so often speak of accomplishments, do they really know what fortunes could change this climate? Assume you are the only source of new thread that sublime a saving for happiness in their prayers. Many cherish these fortunes and apart from the meltdown of finances that couldnt even support themselves they have bridged a globe of investment in true meanings of leadership, lending generosity for accountability, leaning of happiness from their pains when they see gliter in others eyes and leaving few memoir in time known as gestures. Once there was a king whose palace had nine solar advisories. A person who loved this understanding asked the king just one question, " if you sublime your position for a speck of life and put your foot in this editors shoes, do you still go out freely for hunting and counting on just one new thread?" The king called this editor and asked him privately what do you mean? If I was this editor, I would never have been here. I would go with those services that lend in the meaning of existence. The previous night was dark and people who came into this shore had never seen their beloved for ages. They have lost their sole discreation in threat governing others in this midst. "As a member would you just pardon myself if these human mentality a over paid price for you as an insult. You are honorable in your kingdom. I just want you to be honorable in times ahead for the delight in the eyes of every new born even in far away kingdom.", said the editor. The wise king saw he was the best person in his life and send him to his favourite palace where the future princess lived. They exchanged thoughts and shared some favourites fruits of life. Then the king had to face a war. The editor knew it was not the time for no rest and from his safety he took a small cargo for the palace. On the palace, the editor understood that king was still in trouble. Nothing could save the kingdom as all officials were druged and it was the editor for flading back his duty. It is always said that duty has to be done without expecting merits and duty kept only one significance that we must not betray obligications for being human. The editor was told by the king that you came back for a false motive yet he was waiting three nights in the same place where their last meeting was read. Two crimes were done against the kingdom and the editor told the kingdom that let the message be spread across the king had hidden all the treasures in the bottom of the near by ocean. And anyone who could climb the hills be moved to that place where the passage from the kingdom should be sealed. All the enemy ship went hiding and no one could become enemy again since the guiding light for the three children in the times of the world wars saved a palace. If I am the editor the best effort would be becoming the part and participant of the hour where we see resources are scarce and there is a requistee for more demand where ever we are young in hearts. These three children never knew why they were entitled this role. Yet they fought a role that made one fortune. If this is not a real story in the midst of world war, the editor is aclaimed to pay the price. Everyone knew how much reliability we must assure that we cant be alone disinvesting in stories as this year 2009 had seen many doesnot know what can be done and where their investment have been lost. Assuringly this is a time most readers would stop writing and work in a destiny they believe could earn them some income for supporting others livelihood. As one of my friends told me there is no 100% security any where. I would say meanings are derived in the life of this essay if you assume that you are the king and the nine adviories are your solutions you have found for sustaining derivable meanings. The editor would have been the guidance that your insight blessed you for revamping this day. I here in this lines would be some solutions that would mean you can come back. The three children are the souls who left behind in a time where tribulence is hard and came with the light in your eye lens that gave themselves for the rest. One unique person called them back in a train journey that checked how delightful you would come again and trust a foundation you can build up and make your kingdom wisely. Yet the writer is just your hour that rewakens blessings for the little means devoting every cornerstone sacrificing few moments in the time, space and love not just trump in meanings of existence. The measures that would assume this goal are being never leting hearts without a word know as care & comfort carelessly. The writer has written many lines just at the cost of true exploration that you dont sink your globe and assure the friendliness being an assest in true belief, faith and message with destiny ahead. Assume these writtings are not just foolish words but new threads suspended till synchronisation. You are the assurance that embody what message even that stood for the cost of postponing diversity from entire consumptions of few resources and we let down many if we fall sink. The writter believes in an immaculate blessings from the supreme foundations of existence reaffirming his belief in Christianity and faith in one religion called humanity. Very few people who never knew the presence distanced for new change than reaffirming faith in open shore of changes we need timely expecially in words and action. Let us not propound mistakes of wars and lost distance yet guide by the best make up that we use the parking place when we drive ahead. And this is why this essay is written as dont sink your globe.

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