Dream Village In My Time

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When we remember our time within days where we started our life. If this investment which play another role may be diversified with stronger portfolios that time stands the test, there is a big journey we have to leave back in these times. Let our role shine where we are. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



If your dream village I live once more spin telegram on this soil,

Morning so serene with a song bird singing its undisclosed cottage,

Like a day that route another page in this faith,

Our magnificense magically bring back unearthend heaven,

I would surround the farmland,

With its beauty beneath stretched lands to smell the woods,

They who heave eminent hardwork in the muddy water,

Somewhere near river bank those who fish its waters,

All life along the ocean terrains for spanking live fish boats,

Besides the jungle tree with all its given peninsular beauty,

In a small cottage once I lived in those day,

The colour of toddy sweetens drink of all spirits,

Travelling by the banks of river in the houseboat,

People who live on the either halves of the island,

Their living story is a real adventure,

Like God with a magician,

The gift of nature still remains in those ploughed lands,

There are many terrains in the story near tea shop,

People from all corner flock for strong gossip,

May be every article they make is our daily headlines,

One day new investment came this shore,

Those who loved this land lived with a banquet,

Like our quest in front of those moving landscrappers,

Mountain still leave the test,

What all of us still remain untold stood for the necessity for healthy investment?

Today we cannot poison our crop and water,

We need more remote health camps,

Treasure earthened in tribal cure still need to be broadened,

We dont want tribal people dispatched from woods where they only have the entry,

Yet we dont regret what cannot be the tinest action ever taken,

If every rain drains the hut from colapsing,

More roads broadened inside the reach of those unearthened terrains,

People become wealthy wherever they are,

Where you are God's angel like to be our shadow,

In development within this weaker ecosystem,

Let our punishment may not be the act done,

We live and leave behind lots of story,

Still in my village we have everyone,

Why cannot we make waste disposal methods more evergreen for the planet and their people?

One day after a long time television came near our tea shop,

A learned said our leaders are not allowed to work,

Why can we just throw back into investment so real its worth?

There came an answer,

Firstly for common growth investment comes with a price,

A cost that takes larger front with only few can spare to be interested,

Secondly we cannot take away constructed turn around within schedulde for being a consumer state,

Lastly if anyone is ready to be backed,

Who alone can reverse the trends that exist?

Yet with everything,

People here comes so lite for common cause,

May be every part begins with a master player,

It calls for timely action,

From everything that we think aloud,

We make tribute to this dream village. 


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