Dress shade into light

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Your life has a summary in these time. Enjoy.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Something interesting is sweeping the tide,

We are just near the wave,

Do we love crawling along threads that wine time?

Have we overlooked what boundaries pay for?

We don’t know who make them for when day styles,

But we are sure we survive them in our necessities,

Traffic jam on those streets,

Having boiled away,

Have they taken us away from appropriate risk?

Knowledge age creeping like a thief,

People need new trends,

Much resource excavated,

A new Earth in making,

Where we have many just require recycling,

A new scan investigate,

Will age old culture remain in play?

How vulnerable are they?

Another mountain in the brim of drills,

Had they been away with children’s of new age?

Who pay the price?

Can we now go behind Mother Nature's playground ask the same?

What can be compromised?

There is a teacher in time,

He who asked his disciples,

Will this falling star we believe in, can they recreate our world?

Just one child stood by his words,

He gave that child those falling stars,

Teacher heard the butter that fly,

Can we rejoin this quest?

Can we recreate the wish of those falling stars without harm?

Again someone spoke inside everyone,

Is this last chance in survival of those falling stars?

Do you speak about the wish of those falling stars? Asked the teacher

Can you recite those inner words? Pleaded this child

What do you want to know? Asked the teacher

Make it happen on this string of time,

Let us realise this as real life.



I was not born here and we live together amidst life,

It is said these are most precious times of existence,

Here we don’t have to clash, collide and concede new forms,

We already have one irresistible appearance,

This doesn’t happens in our world,

We serve and thrown away in the search of tough measures,

Have I found you, we are not sure?

But one thing is sure; you are not reading fake pages?

We can only dissipate our roles as you move,

I am still just a new key you are handled,

If you seek existence, I am just a star

If you seek persistence, I am your defender

If you seek knowledge, I am fallen for this truth

As you move forward, time will treasure you with its responsibilities

As you evolve making survival, we will treasure you in your willingness

But we need an answer, why you really need those imprints?

There is a reassuring rediscovery in those images of your rest,

You wake up every day,

Had there been harvest you look some hideouts for tomorrow,

Had those begin without reasons, we don’t go back so happy?

Your role has a separation from reality that seeks those,

You are one set apart from the beginning of mortals,

You sleep every day,

You spread delightful getting one role,

Our children see every dress you wear from somewhere else,

We can’t see light or dark,

But one thing is common between us,

In your language this is known as resonance,

In words of capturing human thoughts,

Someone who never belong here,

Someone who never wanted this,

Had they sketched between life and death?

This is just a message, not anyone who dreams?


All of us inside are shaped by the lovable bracing space,

You are gifted by those gestures where life takes you across,

Time shapes those feeling inside the love for those feelings,

In this planet whenever one lived,

Their hope cover dress shades into light,

Their peace cope drought signal into greenery,

Their love cherish depth signing into milestones,

Imagine work of a human heart give life,

More than wish could understand a soul,

Will there be life in search of the delirious acceptance?

You have a home,

There is always spring and sweetness of water as you live,

Your offspring live committed with their loved ones,

You may not remain shattered in times of grief,

You have a voice,

Your search routes back towards our way,

Here rhythms back your one voice,

There is an order of life you living accounts,

Here countable capture your landscapes,

You have a living life,

Live this abundantly making blessed times ahead,

Our story is about one wonder garden,

You call it heaven and we create those in your life,

When you water those, it grows and flower

In those chill of wind sometimes gone,

Are those priceless gifts of time, where can’t be separated?

If you’re open heart could listen,

Where children of tomorrow live may be safer with sustainability?

If you could work together,

Make every home connected without vulnerabilities?

If we have a dream,

Let us secure our most surviving existence in the universe so far evolved,

You call them humans and we designate them as stars ever born.

If you have some commitment,

Allow your people, ecosystem and your living moments sustain hope, peace, life and joy.







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