Energy Conservation Day 2013

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If we make an resolution for 2014, let us promote the cause for this Energy conservation day like no other. I note this as we cannot never make such equilibrium for our future generation ahead. Let us do our best. :)

Linking leading tribute for the source of Energy,

It departs for transformation always in all forms of existence,

In this space we can only merit makers of its cause,

We live our life as a clothe lighter than its form,

Yet this is the simplest faces for a book replenishing our survival,

It never depletes but create an non-renewable creation,

We take our makers for harvesting its continual spirit,

Our Sun is a mighty star far seen from the missionary of an order,

As we experience those fruits we carve our consumption,

Our genetics cannot repair an boundary when its builds breakdown as we age forward,

Younger than this soul lives an treasure,

Its buds are what we can harvest for a future for all,

In similar terms we need some store house for its depleting challenges,

We cannot store its fracture not always as light,

In darkness we test our faith for those fractions,

Today till existence of our planet we harvest the every form of energy for our sustenance,

It can be renewal for pure water through rain and snow,

This can also be our biofuel for new homes we build in our planet,

Again like fire it saves oil for our kitchen,

You may ask me if Energy exist as forms that coexist in all similarity,

Why do we need to conserve its beauty?

For a beautiful tomorrow those petals of our existence may return,

Only can remake in some notation where we fold our daily dawn,

Whenever this flower see those beginning our natural order can survive only few grounds where it is what remain,

Those remain pay a fraction of what we isolate our usability,

This purity of our space denote a coin of time that store mines,

In its conversation every blanket covers the depth of ocean life,

More we remain for formation of those conversion story,

We exceed our valuable resource of Earth formed over millions of trillions of light years ago,

If they deplete we cannot make as same as its presence on our soil again,

Waste water send out of the Nuclear plant generation power we sell our fortunes,

Ocean borewell where we mine crude oil,

Vehicles which use metals plastic and oil for consumption of an easy comfort ride,

All takes a toll of its count for the need to conserve every resource we can renew,

Today what matters for our needs compel in this time no wrong thing for the demand theory,

This road need a simple minute for ending our dependency on non-renewable resources,

If what we cannot conserve nor bow an examination in pages of your life marking an remainder,

A second of creating another pollutant can only challenge us,

A minute of reusing daily expenses for living expenditure can only take you green,

A hour of recalculating some time for cutting budget on power expenses can take you ahead,

A day long walk for all activities in life from cutting cost in bicycle can remake an healthy diet,

If you use such bridge as a step in our limits to make this environment not bear its cost,

If you make every second conserve this energy from pollutants they generate in recalculations,

If you remake any model for this hour our environment promise a better future,

Today we pay respect can renounce the meaning of this cause,

If you can win this trust from every heart,

A fortune will take you ahead in our effort for energy conservation with your purpose to share a better tomorrow for one another,

You will remain as a true blessing for generations that thrive on this planet,

Let us celebrate our leading steps in the day we tribute honour with this vision in our heart for one mission we can do our best.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

I thought this was a very original topic to write about. I enjoyed reading it.

Sat, December 21st, 2013 12:56pm


It is few words which has renovated this very original topic. Thanks for your appreciation. :)

Tue, February 4th, 2014 9:36pm

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