Facing Care With AUTISM

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If we stand up for awareness in the keyboard of Autism, how can we extend care for them in lively notes? I have only borrowed this content from your heart. Let us fulfill facing care with AUTISM for many who are diagnosed. :)

When you never understand you are challenged,

Yet your love for this child fall in life giving care touching within,

If one mother fight for her child till the end of expressions,

Never knowing I am here reach for you,
Never standing I am here fight for you,
Never lining I am here set right for you,
Ever all I have been till now lived for you,
Let me construct this happiness for you all the way ahead.

Long before love becomes weakness and no cure may became its lifeline,

They do forget pain in action when living for their child with Autism gives more courage everyday,

If one family look ahead for this horizon beyond time,

When will humanity seek guidance in this spotlight for more acceptance?

If we can fix Autism let us forget what we cannot do extraordinary for them,

When our action smile within can we not hold our hearts never so scary that they are awesome who they are?

Let us conquer all that comes across changing anyones attitude for this situation.

They are here with you in hope and dreams in this breaking dawn with some spelling mistake,

Let us show love deep inside our lifetime when the joy turns pride doing the best we can.

If our world can fulfil who needs anything else than than you are there for them,
If we see this world written in their eyes,
No anthem for the words hold so strong very long cause the way life is supposed to be,

If you are here in this moment of time,
To show the world a child so through years with no words may light hidden candle for every spin in time,
Battling Autism in eyes of a child feel speak its cause,

It is not their fault but trying who I am in triumps earn challenges,
In every words you say we'll get by a heart guarding love in reality fly by your side,
Our reality has taken every thanksgiving praise in Lord's kingdom one day you will be not so in this way without reach for perfection,
If I never know where to go to give you things you need now,
Your happiness may lend gracious blessing in all questions you are confronted,
Someday I will be never beside you,
May be one day you may live upto will my heart stood by you,
Fulfilling every word life may play in your garden with friends and family with all the grace from heaven,
From the heaven above may one family so extend an arm sharing the divinity of God can I ever express what I feel with your love in heart,
If this ever stop let God let down some joy in the shore of time I have shared with you,

Today all you may give them is a blessing our generation inherited in time,
Let us not forget this message when it comes for our fight against Autism with loving care!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Lyca cool

I can really relate to this poem has my eldest son has Autism so I get where you are coming from caring and bring up a child with autism is never easy so well done for making people aware of such a condition.

Sat, October 11th, 2014 5:38pm


Your commitment may win awesome blessing always ahead. Thanking this exceptional heart so loved, I am happy you for your contribution. :)

Sun, October 12th, 2014 12:44am

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