Fall in HIS Care

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If I may ever loved this gift of Almighty for all this person lives for my good fortune, I fall in his care forgotten in true love for one scared heart in the unknown source of our existence. This poem is such a dearest companion in my life again. :)

Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



Sometimes more than a friend you never complain,

In my life you will always be dearer for this life,

May I never miss your smile,

Please always join my life until beyond its ends,

Let me be not lost in this unconditional love,

Every dream we share is my lifeline,

Where we live is our village on this soil,

I love you more than everything so sacred in existence,

Signs show we will be always never be lost,

Highest in this wish is my loved ones needed this help,

Your voice is brighter than this twinkling sky,

Our gifts are below this roof,

Unless we remake this epic for its belonging,

Rarely will time again question why we are here,

Living this message is always near my life,

I may be gone by so much a heart can be once in a light,

Filling this gesture I am blind in the grateful God's kindness,

Even this message is all I need for ever,

Many ages beyond when this story will live forever,

I will miss someone who always fought with me for simple grants,

They who will be near say that we must be away for some more events,

Yet it is uncertain how a moment we live yet so separated is acceptable,

My dearest friend when you will read all this planted on a living wall of time,

I feel this gifted day follow you somewhere back in a time where we lived,

Today may be true love of a heart dearest of all possession gave its suited dress in this appearance,

There was a time I never knew how much emptiness surround this village where we live today,

Giving you some gifts more than any lifes assurance may not be where I will fail again,

Let once in a light when I thank God for every reason for this day,

I feel all this time where we played our roles around this village,

I feel all life my dreams we shared our life around this hope,

I feel all peace this heart may be living near the shore of our destiny,

Will pledge before God that you will be not away leaving me alone in this life behind all compassion I love to share truly with this heart....

If someone can count all you have given me in this life for those are simple wish your life ever cherished to be always cared to be loved...

May once in a light I fall in his care God seek this promise for all good fortunes in this life... :)

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