Future of the light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

You see each and every life has a true imprint in themselves. When you look into those dissecting into infinite bundles and translating languages into merit, do you really make challenges afloat before always? You may even have worst experience, nonacceptance with anyone yet you know that you are so wrong in the person whom you will address at the end. I am not talking about that, but how you can pressurize solutions and contentedly deliver those. :)

When you just move and light as inner ignites
Long back the ages transformed you for a search
In the ages you cherished an awesome blessing
Some differences always pull you behind
Your realism just stops by the light of future
A lean gesture stretch beyond the future of light
Your crinkling support made your journey just with a passer
He delivered you a mask on absence as presence
You just passed the test and made way into beginning
Finally you approached Almighty loose heartedly
Chariots in the courtroom saw you within, an imprint
They asked you, will the grace be so wrong
We understood his presence and you will have to save your face
Finally letters poured on the coverts, who has the future of the light?
A journey was so traded in words of destiny as in heaven
A human made comparison into heaven;
Do you seek price for what you are paid for?
Well I do bear the same amount, he told God;
Then save you came the reply
Assume you are laid down and judges’ rule over the belongings
Just the same in the world from wherever you travel
Destiny creeps you by and change cost you nowhere
Those ringtone just rang, do you want to achieve your dream
A night was the blink of a light, well Gods speak differently
Transformed in a world we travel if we see the waiting station
So many uphill turned down the rail, you fetch on the balcony
There a drama unfolds in its university under the midst of a cloud
You see there are cheerleaders; they travel down the colours in front
Learning became spent earnings and the price you asked for gave you a boom
The future of light surfaced a human and went by with this promise
Whatsoever may happen, having realised the purest of soul I am with you
These words gave something in the speechless redeemed into being
The future of light is set to shine in the present
Somewhere inside us, if you rediscover this entity, you shall stay afloat.
Here is a small note just for kindle understanding:-
"A blank mind and glittering words fill a cup of deliverables, heavenward and there courtesan look into what’s going to be filled; some day later assuring someone came up with a solution, he told why don't we invite donuts and fill the cup with numbers; only the king would know the matter as he is very learned, they thought. Years passed by and every stranger who travelled never wanted to entertain anyone in that room. Finally the king thought I need a seal to authenticate the product in this invisible cup. Many people thought that Made In Heaven would be the best brand. But how would we find infinite customer for one product and Einstein was invited into this modern Heaven for his contribution, theory of relativity. Einstein fixed the problem temporarily by moving cup relatively with different Customers in infinite spiral ladder relayed train and everyone would say we meet other distantly always relative to the journey. However if the rail steps was cloud and train was implicitly made thoughts in real time, does someone really mean more numbers just would fill the cup? So came the fibre optics cable operator with the king, let everyone under the sky understand what are numbers and versions of light of vision. Everyone started redesigning the cup for the blink of light always as energy, life, within our body cells. So in the process someone redesigns everything for the price you are paid for in a place called heaven. When contributed positively for that price get resources for survival, they fill an invisible cup that comes with a delight in every hand."

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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