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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In your life no inner soul blamed for this heart beat may rest in peace with lifetime ahead when we contribute right wisdom in act for the choices you make and bake in the oven. This is not the end but starting point for all the tons of joy awaiting to be loved. :)

One time ago Evil King chased my life,

They strayed at me & started making moves,

I was beneath blanket of hopelessness,

Till I heard of one carpenter,

My carpenter told me to face life as our teacher did,

Did any light stood where I was placed?

Yet in blankness I made one response,

They traced all path where my means would end,

In this response I closed my eyes and prayed,

I pleaded may the evil spell be broken,

In their instinct I saw my teacher chained and abused with hatred,

They said no art of your may sell for living,

What is the choice I made and in any life may be woven?

I was amused by one pet of time,

They feared its instinct so waved wind against me,

Clinked yet some heartbeats connected eternity on my land,

They asked what do I see on the river end?

Evil has surrounded me and locked my wisdom in a cruel cage,

Teacher saw this and I could see a cry in HIS smile,

How can I vest any promise with God when this is so made?

Will God take my life so granted?

In this Chessboard I was about to be kicked away,

Somewhere I saw heart of one teacher in pain,

Tears may be in HIS eyes yet prayer stood for knot of hearts,

Is there anything more left? I challenged Evil King,

No response came and only darkness surrounded with a mightier
army than light,

Who will make the final choice I rinsed my hand in pious water?

If I persist then reputation of my teacher may be evil wages,

I stopped behind time and constructed a gain in one coin,

When this was tossed in gesture and someone saw what came
was lost in memories,

I bought this end with all my price,

I told the Evil King this is the route towards our future ahead,

But this can be seeded only in the hands of my teacher,

I threw a single coin of odds in the hands of my teacher in cage,

When the coin came in the hands of my teacher it disappeared,

What happened next was an adventure?

My king in the chessboard,

Showed before the evil king as a cross,

The only way towards its move was to kill its own minister and chariots,

And now in this match,

I could see before everyone how the Evil King silenced their deputy to be its scapegoat,

There was someone who sponsored this match,

The oracle wrote this in the hand of our fate,

In their Empire my teacher's kingdom won when everyone saw the price of the bid,

Finally fate met the oracle and asked what did you do with the teacher?

Will this old man ever see delight for HIS children on Earth?

The oracle told you can see their sun has risen,

And their duty is to faithful devotee in the righteousness of knowledge,

If they seek this wisdom for experience no teacher will again has to pay this price,

Everything was there,

But something was written,

You have to let go something to gain pottery for your clay,

If this clay is not rightly rinsed and nourished,

You will deceive something fallen from this tree,

Only if something is rotten we will have fertile land for the rest,

Even when this persist in the law of their soil,

In your act take care this is not your life for what your teacher lived in prison till now,

I fall on my footsteps and prayed to God,

I dont want copy these words without digesting its understanding,

Life has given me proper experience mightier than truth,

If I seek your gift for this Father's loved letter,

Let me not fail to follow your ultimate wisdom in this successful life now and ahead,

When I woke up everyone was waiting to see me,

They told our family has a new guest at home,

I am delighted to show this young child learning new entry into life's jungle book,

Let us connect this harmony in heartbeats again and ahead,


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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