God Has A Dream For This Christmas

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An evergreen Christmas message for your loved ones. Hope you bank on this investment for future. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! :)

God Has A  Dream For This Christmas

Years took time for a simple heart to know it is beating inside a body. Yet it never give up this challenge. Why is always the heart so good?

To send you one Christmas greeting for a blessed new year takes one simple friend everything that counts on this journey. There is a map for this time when we spent our thanksgiving spirit sharing this unity in the time ahead. We come here and depart leaving a message.

This time a lots of our heart own one gift. We care for the happiest  grace ever blessed and to be loved for a cause of joy to one  another is the greatest honour time can be the longest day ever lived. In this Christmas our devotion sketch pages ever written for a human note in the history, God stills owns a dream. It is said our day will earn wages of the labour we can harvest before it is night. Yet when our ageless commitment shapes this heritage for a human wish, will Christmas greetings for a blessed new year remain speechless translation of the story out of a compassionate heart?

Today this is the message that help, harvest and harbour the day of Merry Christmas. In every fortune your family shape a destiny together. For the best than better ever stood a delight timeless. Every day that lead this Christmas wish fortune this promise for billions who will leap us making those countless footsteps spotting twinkling stars matching the finest dream drafting a message for every new hearts from the bottom of this evergreen soul. If God own this dream for the reason we merit any compassion for the cooperation of the light that never ends from the heaven but leaping countless light years from a distant galaxy that stood for a Christmas everlasting blessing for the promise owning its commitment in the untold tale of an human story, this day is never going to be the same. We make this climate so fruitful. Its tale ends in service and starts with faithful duty for a generation so long as time can ever note.

In the land of one of the greatest epic ever written, we pray our devotees to shape our planet's fortunate days with 8 billion in count for the time they will helpful sustain every blessing that God has spend our harvest for timeless joy, hope and peace in a New Year Ahead. Gifted in the loved dedication for our neighbourhood, let us secure a future that never ends yet orient every day for a best healthy life in our global better social order. Given in the hands of the mightiest ever exist yet unknown, let us safeguard a fortune that is never lost yet organize our ever daily play for the best destiny in a human adventure for better gifted making of God's fulfilled dream.

Let me hope this is a special day for you contributing a better tomorrow for your loved ones and your family ahead.




Submitted: December 16, 2014

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WOW amazing!!! so well written well done loved it so much!!! like from me

Fri, December 13th, 2013 12:45am


No words can fill the gap written in your cherished pages of lifetime. Thanks once again for your grateful context in this human language. :)

Fri, December 13th, 2013 4:27am

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