God has an identity

Poem by: abyskaria



Thanks for this freedom!!!


Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014





God has an identity,

We fall on welfare for being human.

Our localization spells anniversaries challenging adversaries,

Inside us ahead born are fruitions dreams,

He who rhymes today make ahead tomorrow,

Live for those days that compel challenge.

Our presence marks time for arena in pursuit,

Our masterpiece is awesome knowledge lived with imprints,

Awake are human senses when history toll presence,

Glory for being highest the simplest for the meek,

Across land there reloads a path,

Time for fortuitous opportunity when lifestyle behalves,

Living like his gift for a new venture always,

Grace with city winds is mines of invitation,

He who point views has always one stretch ahead,

There is a magical more than being what you are,

Yet modern sound thy in his life,

May serve worth die live again,

Aspiring for communal reunites without listening stupidity,

Life has changes currently,

You have countable lined notes,

Invincible dominance of life ever made in time,

Margins in human history we can make for green,

Generations’ hat made us fabulous for return of chess,

Not when we realm when we stand together,

But when we stumble God has courtrooms,

Not when we finger again ahead thanksgiving,

But when we pulse for the new stand in life rooms,

One unity at doorstep for whom made this real,

For all pages cloud one story making toy story,

History in folding alphabets there begins,

Just made for rewinding at risk and return,

Pictorial field of justifications through legends,

Who created margin survives peacefully at heart?

Unbelievingly narratives fought battles when they weren’t rooted,

Collected not their faults but events inside us,

 Left claim our hands have been here,

One inheritance in price so much ever lived,

He made invincible dominance uncountable,

Never tried for overruling pages when words make mockery,

Creation gave us one life ahead in life,

There is a change we have made,

For a time born within one blank of time,

For a space sold within one corn of fields,

Reasons are many why we exist,

Reassurances are lifelong why we take shape,

There is a gift we have in time,

Some are atheist, unspoken or spiritual about them,

None know who broke wisdom in these lines before,

But they do exist,

In pages exploring life,

Notably ever made real,

There is a count of soil we stand,

Some call this foundation or footsteps,

Ahead in life there is another space of reason,

There is a truth,

Something likes God’s truth of love for hate,

There is a battle,

Something likes Master’s help of law for tolerance,

There is a courtroom,

Something likes Foremast’s word of plank for death,

Everything happens here,

Where we exist,

We have only become one Global village again,

Inside this history,

Again making a day giving heart, hope and help for millions,

Stand where you are,

Summarize where you mean,

Only deflect as relevant today as never before,

Otherwise you will be in bars of iron ages,

Where gold as costly as pure water springs,

This is the truth for untruth about God’s truth!!!

© Copyright 2017 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

God has an identity

Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction




Thanks for this freedom!!!
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