Great Teacher Sayings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Christian Writers

You will ask me why this is so made yet we love its solutions for every problem so are born here. Our teacher has asked you something. May you treasure this experience. :)

You may sleep in this given autonomy of life,

Where God kept a secret from us,

A choice your dreams spring love of a heaven,

Through this battle for a home,

For one dreampage those kings who fought,

When this secret of perfection wrinkle away in your making,

Yesterday Peace wasnt their only question,

When this disaster strikes one freedom,

Ages before this life existed on the temple of our creator,

One ever lived creation may have felt this truth in silence,

For victory welcome an unknown scent,

A heart melted in the heat,

On your way of being and becoming,

That always made this ocean red,

Being unworthy of what devil always wanted here,

They didnt belong from a feeling unstoppable,

But towards threats in our arena of ultimate devotion,

For a order given by our guardian,

Whose faith in the all-prevading energy,

Those branches kept all fruits loved,

Its service in the pain of all lost without love,

He who like to become not one among us,

Yet comeback from an unknown living,

That makes us feel worthy of this avatar,

May coincide our feeling for what ever be,

The very truth in this order,

You may only obey this resolution,

Never end praising the true owner of one power,

If you submerge this path God helped to travel,

Unspotable in the track of a loving heart,

For God who shares HIS kindness,

By igniting the dawn where knowledge awake wisdom,

You may have cried haunting a soul,

For wonders in a clothe time tributes its unending steps,

Once lonely when God so made this happiness,

We felt its deepest help for your family here,

Still without asking anything in return,

God who brought meaning for your life,

As a tribute of all dreams may bind you in this service,

For this God honored through your duty,

Must not feel your forgetness,

A gift any help sacrifice the longest care of Gods kindness here,

This moment ask you pledge a time,

Our teacher who carried this cross till the mountain,

May have felt this spirits darkness in a valley,

Where cremation of hatred brings all sorrow to end,

If this mountain encircle our chariot in love,

For Christ who always loved one another in true honored faith,

A blessing given must contribute for fulfillness of Gods work here,

This must not be a formality of rituals here,

For magic of Gods wisdom holds all source of faith within,

This belonging may give you hope where darkness end,

Into a learning your life may fight ignorance,

Till every step give you strength adhere everything in the truth,

From oneness of peace let your very heart become the owner of your mind,

For awarding this succession of lifes wisdom into every thought,

Here God promises thanksgiving in any act of help,

May take your passion beyond doubt for this devotion,

For your crafts here are given from the garden of a time,

God always wanted to rework in the truth that offered you this life here,

Seeking this belongings how will be our tomorrow,

May you always hast a fear within,

For the unending signs of one heaven you share as the dearest devotion here,

Will lead everything again in one question,

Never in this lifetime learned how will be your friendship shine where you live,

Never asked this drawing of fullfilment into our creation where love shines,

Never offered any grain of satisfaction that may feed millions of people living below poverty line,

Never helped those without a home in anyway this life may grant them peace under the sky above,

How will God workout a day when a time in this planet,

Be born in worshiping the great love your savior has sacrificed everything for a prayer,

When the ultimate human bond of knowledge is a grant of this sacrement,

Some call if you rinse your days in thanksgiving of a holy secret annexe in this planet,

With being guilty of unworthiness how your prayer will be answered unless you offer yourself,

For the great merit our savior held all faith with the ultimate source of supreme foundation,

For the given answer time compromise all forgiveness within the vault of our existence,

Some suggest when those God in our external kingdom forget everything how we offer,

For everything that will be speechless forget what we offer,

Only one moment that counts is when we offer what can be any help about us in this lifetime,

If God is not our answerable talking machine for who will bring this change,

We must be this milestone talking answers from solutions that can contribute again for our past unforgettable,

This answerable tale mounts within your heart,

For accounts these miles ahead will be not left unattended,

We still have lots from time to time,

Where the ornament of any delight ended,

Will be the origin of accounted rebirth for your sincere thanksgiving,

Far you shined this love from creation for a simple gift,

I call for timely action till we exist together as one family ever here,

So will not rest your soul without asking why we need to move ahead,

For God shined this oneness as far a soul may outcry this gift from your home here,

Let us not end peace with price of a dead dream,

For the peace Christ amazed in this life still must not be a dreampage,

A dreampage where we stay awake unless undead in all the flow from the sacrified heart,

I have kept this day just to join you here,

For we are moved in a blessing from a life waiting far near our service here,

In this communion let us unite,

What I say,

Moved by faith within,

For all this so given by Gods love here,

Till the great love will be the world of all angels ahead,

In a blessed stay here,

Let us piece together this message,

Evergreen from the day rainbow of a Christmas tree,

Lead us far beneath the love of Christ so far,

May shine with boundless gift,

Your time will be always value the home for all,

As the fear calls,

This day someone who will meet this source,

Need to ask time till past loved days return always refreshed again,

As duty for all God gifted here,

In all affairs this dreampage may gift,

May be bonded with God,

Unless devil take away something for a crime that never ends,

Let us remake this destiny together,

For we will receive Christ how we do a life for all sharing the making of a gift,

Thanksgiving in the spirit of all creation for peace,

Loving in the source of all gifts for hope,

Ending in the lifeline of all rituals for joy,

For this God who gave birth for everything,

May not divide the chain unless from the bondage of inactions,

Let us stand together for a day that outlive our creation for this divine plan,

Where every human heart will be the cornerstone of all kindness of God,

As we do let God fulfill the plan of our promised home for all here,

This truth may seek those stepping stones for true happiness,

Be blessed in every avatar of a human life,

So made to reunion all gifts for a society,

As God is reborn here,

For a division of all courage,

To be back in a human bond,

That may grant this ultimate wish of our Supreme Foundation,

Here the unity is one,

And division is none,

Let all differences defend us against this failure,

May we never make the same spelling mistakes again,

As long as the spirit that shines in all,

Bring us a true offering for all truth that we are gifted here,

Yet the voice of one angel ask,

If this is why it has to be like this,

Do you miss anything that ask why we dont give them a helping hand ?

May you are watching everything so helpless like I am here,

Yet just be one of the rarest poorest person in any empty thought,

Who can recall the weakest person within,

So that you ask everything for them,

Whom you have never met,

Nor know any who will be granted,

As far this message will lead you here,

Your reason cannot fail you,

Yet be this love of Gods gratitude,

As a human never convicted in keeping this secret,

Always be free and innocent trapped in a favor,

Will disengage any land of the dying destitute,

Not for any shameful conditions that exist,

But be happy that the fundamental human in you,

Has asked your responsibility towards the masses,

In implementing a help that above the declaration,

May you resolve a bunch of incompletness in this life,

Around few smiling face that care every bunch of this response,

Little in their professed love for care you may awake within,

Yet more pay visit in those old kept possession,

May you invite the innocence inside those people in our unheard villages,

Making your contribution influence no complaint where the world speak no merit,

Yet be the great love to accommodate by the more harder law,

You may map this reference as a tribute in God's safe hands,

Fondling these stories of ordinary daily lifes dairy,

Be elucidated by the gift of this thanksgiving prayer,

I offer for all your hearts wish,

A time to enjoy the satisfaction of the daily bread with the needy,

In this life and within your community for a better world for all,

I dont ask your charity to flood this Gods golden compass,

Yet do the needful when your time and effort can permit this happening moment,

Anytime will be a great universal dream of your devotion for our human family,

Should you fail to change it,

Remember you must not end this democratic resolution,

Our greatest global village is made through all here,

A great love underfire this human happiness in our home here,

May you be their past in belongings, present in offerings and future in proceedings on this love for one another here. 

Submitted: September 05, 2017

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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