Guiding Light From Heaven - A search of truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Folding leaves in these palms stand by the test of time inside young passion of dreams. I find myself along with you most of a time. Once as told like a mother who could touch beats of every passing wind besides her supping baby, you were the most wonderful gift ever made for this world. In every time, even when situations reminded me about scarcity, survival limits and scenario of existence, is there any reason why can we live between both sides of trial period? There are few who make this journey where we have met. A most volatile scenario we will never forget. Let me unravel that guiding light of heaven and our search of truth.

Deceptive Times Disruptive Intelligence

Where you cease healthy guiding life

Travel along the wordsmith days

You intellect care not exist

One day you pained here may sprout

Those seeds on the swing of imagination

Your response was not reality

People tamed you dead away from thoughts

You seemed leave your life for famine

In those spring of your days

Even when you know these

Life so far are guided by

One joker as deceptive times

And you’re playing card

Silenced by the intellect as disruptive

You asked one stranger

Where can I step up my life?

One man told hung on the sister’s chapel of Rome

Written inside every theory of evolution

One thread that unite in time

A struggle for your existence in thrones

Matching every skill that united life

Your competitive rival is within

In that kingdom lives a powerful force

So divine as the source code of existence

On that three pillars are guarded by

Guiding light from heaven

Why don’t you connect words beamed in this light?

Have you seen milestones as one force far in your life?

This unity scream as along the thread in existence

Many have discovered pages written along this path

This is a time you must not have accepted

When you wake up into reality

This world must have totally changed

You are travelling down a cloth bazaar

Every day you change the dress you have purchased

You see towards the sole existence why humans are born

Someone else may stretch other side where

They leave out pages and step in questions

Roles you play are model for your life here

For the next part humans can’t prepare you

Nor can anyone ever existed than your teacher

He who entitles scarcity divided in these lines

Lives even after the spell of eternity

Look how much human life have been masked

Somewhere everyone makes life better

On the other side when people could hardly live a life

In this court one day a boy stepped with his teacher

The king finally asked the boy

What makes my crown?

If you can put notice on dots,

I can recreate this in air

The king didn’t understand

He gave the boy and teacher separate doors

And instructed that boy to come for a ride

They reached the largest desert on the planet

The kingdom I rule is almost like this, told the king

Can you find one unique solution that never existed?

The boy told we need to build a mountain in midst of this spawn

May I know why, the king asked

The soil has locked one secret, said the boy

The king became curious

When can we get completed?

Any time when the valley is complete, said the boy

Who is your teacher? Asked the king

He only taught your oldest disciples

Every challenge divides you up

In this court made one guideline

You are outcome by grace

Step along most delicate life ever made

Sometimes one that ever exist in this fortune

The hardest rule of Mother Nature

Survival Of The Fittest

And the simplest rule of Heaven

Sometimes in life, you may take something before you give

May be that’s why everyone existed.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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