Help Motivation Challenge Depression

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you dare challenge depression symptoms, I have noted some genuine inspiration notes. If you believe there is a deepest source of inspiration within, then awaken the giant facing all emptiness in silence. Listen more, act alive. More you practice less your strengths may wear away. In silence even the deepest pain is a light around darkness. If you are depressed about anything in life all the following pages will create life's greatest learning's, I have put this in simple words. :)

If you cant follow yet feel to learn more as you understand,
Adjust your behaviour following wise in the crowd,
Make others feel you are interested,
Even if you have learning nothing,
Face life like a plain glass you see through,
Polish one side that shines its reflection,
In this mirror dont be afraid where you are,
Light of deepest source is within,
And the journey is outside,
Allow this to grow and harvest.

What is this silence?
You see yet there is a twist,
You are awake yet you are watching,
You guess waiting yet seasons change,
You feel yet words embody your writing,
How you feel shines in this silence?
If this is repulsive against good try to control your within,
Make your thought enlighten as stars, 
Let they travel like your feelings,
Making another Colombus discover a new America,
If you can dream this as expression,
Try heard to page in thought,
Look around in vision how it staires,
Soon this will be the reality you face,
Dreams are our interpretation we seek,
Its challenge is just away in act,
Make this path a tribute of your journey,
Remember only good dream pages is a better life.
Lifes dress is what we clothe around,
Soon time will be its monument where you walk,
If you witness its shore,
There is no red light,
Yet love will shape its ends,
Where lust will kill its day,
Only night follows in this emptiness,
Do chart what you believe,
Adjust your time as flashes of new day,
Soon it will be yours,
Our childhood is what we witness,
Our failure is what we evidence,
Our strength is what we challenge,
Our dream is what we vision,
No evil ever killed reality,
In reality all we are is what we make out of it.

What is this destiny?
There is a destiny we seek,
It is not the end but beginning of a new day,
When we chart destiny in hands of someone we are lost,
Choices are yours,
Yours is this life,
This life is the truth we seek,
Yet truth comes in many forms,
Like a shade it follows in light,
Like darkness its shades our night,
If we imagine we are born for this destiny,
If you work in hands of those makers,
Your tenure is lifes awesome result,
Follow this passion as it will never invade you,
When you challenge your destiny,
Fate trembles in the court of your life,
As you make thrlough gates opens for all courage within,
If you make it life will oneday honor you as hero,
If you fail you will be glad you ever tried,
After all success is the day you come across this home,
Here destiny will be like a new born everyday,
Show the courage to face it,
Believe your life is the heart of the salt of this Earth,
Unless you work hard salt will be not in your sweat,
God may submit your plan not alone in prayer,
But also read through this evolution of a soulful heart,
One day you will make this big plan of one heavenly star,
Yet you wont tremble as you are not lost,
Life is one such motivation of this destiny,
If creation is our emblem of this destiny,
We are admist love and to be always loved by our creator,
All are not perfect but always some manufacturing defects,
Life is like training positivity out of this defect,
Your roles must not be wounds that cant heal this defect,
We call such roles are feedback,
As this never end so do success and failure,
More merits are born out in this lifes garage,
If matchsticks can light the candle endlessly for light,
Do you source this lifes light for new vision?
In this destiny abroad you row the boat above the ocean of all endurance,
If you feel shaken sure you are going for something big,
Never let go this catch,
Such experience is lifes greatest feedback,
You will oneday find always new in your destiny,
May this ocean of destiny fill your willingness,
Let you accept every harvest of this sowed seed in your heart... :)

Submitted: November 06, 2015

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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