Here Goes Overpaid Price

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Some young writters would assume we speak of flourishing heavens in all corners of this globe where we are a part and whomsoever paid through the givers entry we may never be the same. A couple of this day when we meet our investment crunch and dip in recovery, a flip flop was paid saying your wish was overpaid. None knew why our clinch spokeable in human language was seen in natures recovery process. Mind you this is the simplicity of a dream one young person made in the destiny of hopes, peaceful being human and life with joy. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Sometime savings are priceless and imagine in a recovery one guest speaker by name was asked by one young person what do you see ahead in this new year boom? At crossroad this guest again met this young person and asked him for reframing where is the speculation? Do you think every dream has an end was the typical question that left one young guy in the roads? Lots of people would look towards little steps of rewakening the new shore of opening up gratitude from where they come from? One person saw things pricelessly. How would you estimate a new light vision that could let you see and flourish a destiny for the time, space and love in real human entity along your family and down its blood line? The young person asked the guest, what will be the price I will have to pay? Some quantum. And in true human picture did we make clear this compromise. Let us look into the books of the kings. There is a star that let us down some of its blessing by fusing down its happiness in our milky way. When real time picture in history was made from all walks of life, a young person was asked what do you want in the last Christmas and in two words he summarized, OUR DELIGHT. Can you explain in real picture what this means if you were one among those? The young person sketched and asked how much time is avaliable? You may take as long as you demand. Then the destiny gave him one wise thought and he told just one line, please come back when you grant my wish! Imagine you are going to bring and be a sundial in time and space, do you see the love of a father and mother before you make decisions? A heart that guides you all the way till the open and closed end. What would you seek if you were in this position? Dont you recoginise when you are born with a responsibility and earned the blessings you cannot sell this payment of trust by a star born of a Christmas delight from your birth with a hope that you are born great when only your loved ones knows the love of trade-offs? How will you see this when you just know how painful you can adhere this wish which paid the life of a Christmas star? How did the governing G8 nations stood out for a secret exchange of oath? What would you ask from the pain glimshing into light when you know if the strike could empty the paciffic oceans? Do you study those words in this frame from bible, gita or quran than the real words of a young person who never stood different for why no one understood and spoke less when this is being drafted? What development do you seek when in a borderless world you can just fly off from the savings? Do you think this wish was overpaid? Dont you know was wish in signs heartening ever contributed alone into next life. There was no other way for refraiming an iceage and unprecedential development spheres let down the human spirit till this age. Who was this young person? In all books of life, he was King David.

When David defeated Goliath, he was entrusted for the pride of the kings palace. Yet he didnt asked for the princess. He knew he was born great as his land honored him and one day this young heart would lean back for the same village where he was brought up. Is this young person mean by giving back to the society at this time? Not so differently. Unless you seek instances if you need to be back you have a edited coupon at the honorable time. Less than a moment passed, this young person cannot bling. The institutions existing never are sold nor change in all entities, they just bring name back in all spheres. Can you describe now how you seek every blessings? God gifted me a fortune I can harvest any time yet I should not be late. This young person would never make the wish to be overpaid. When honorable laid down is made in life we seek one gift and that is surprise in Gods Awesome Mysterious Plans. :)

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