Hope, An Infilling Mystery

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Have you met someone who wrote one end, could seek destiny when the infilling mystery falls in the territory making waves comeback again, giving true segment of hopes on its shore? What would this be in dialects? This is just the other ending bridging time again, an birth of new life!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



I happened draw our attention in the distant land
Where there are masks withstanding entrance
In those terrains someone put boundaries
Almost like the silent knight are guards
Every soil they sow comes like twinkling stars
There inspiration comes with new life on the sky
Someone once on the sky recieved a message
They send the tail of the comet come all the last
No routes were clear and every door had their exist
Yet someone gave the rare source on its journey back
This happens to be the first day when years ago
May distance spaced their land at both extremes
When those times someone read the sequence of words
Many saw the nature of the sand that covered in times
Yet fate never comes so same even impersionatingly
Sometimes words save days yet saved the life of an stranger
Inside human heart never like even now
Things seem different in times daily
Stranger had many ingestions of new journey
Life take new roles and play is played on the arena
There was no question parted who would make hope
Secrets lay some footstones in the valley of channels
Life never going to be set of mistakes repeated
Equations kept on presurising mindsets
Why would solutions recurse platforms than unknown bases?
Codes towards this limb make fruits sweet more
Impressions laid in time became blessings
Every time wherever they are there is heart listening
Time imortal life has a season of happiness and sorrow
Happiness gave him new excellence more than motivation
Sadness waved his time from misery both ways
Such neutrality gave him the drive building
Little child grew with his rejoice in that image under the tree
There gave new roles for free birds like never before
Days in his kingdom made the change
A change that dont price yet create global harvesting hope
What would be the value of financing this hope?
Generation never understood what could be unravelling the must end
Though there are fortunes
They are tunes of some basic rhythm made swing unending flight of a star
I always recall my mind
Why would stars keep alive their kings heart sublime towards inhabitants here?
Secrets of this hope cultivates in curiculum withstanding pressure unless from loved ones
One who opens this light of image focuss attention far from just being hopeful
This segment of one such gift is know as life.

A new acceptance of shore
Every wings has own sweet and sour
May be heavens have built humans
Numbering down in those lane they travel
So much do they see in kindle happiness
Little did young boxers of happiness realised
Those who live segmented remains until death
Future crafted among few gestures abundantly
Once again that little child saw its garden
For a wakeup call it climbed the highest mountain
There they saw one kingdom stretching far ends
It had everything on its passion till its beginning
They had flourished yet the lands rise till the end

One day why he may take a ride leaving borders
Distance identities wrapping once many have lived
In human world never they have realised this much
Both money and life has the smell of blood
They never felt savings sue their freedom
Why would they live abundantly for this endurance?
Is life never learned in the garden of falling steps?
Pots harvesting clustering crops inside global net
Would be with someone who had bread for while
They helped all those can be done for life again

Inside of few still there is a laid out plan
Weaves in the heart of a city certain sketch map
Those who are learning footsteps
A season of great joy that leave behind
Some treasures whom packs in match boxes of two
How amazing the world beneath some words
Magic fills these steping foundation where we are

There are lots of laws under the sky
Making destiny sound is ones acceptance
At least let us accept as we heal few shores
There is a challenge this life begins
Let search for that sleeping crossroad feel the need
On the way let us bring back those turning point
And may waking up afresh for those miracles
May bring us abundance of grace from Almighty's grace
There is a limit for every prayer
Yet a season for leaning reason on this new life

Has ever this planet gave what it couldnt forsake,
That reach of hope, love and peace brings Christmas
Till there is a sincere wish may it last!!!

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