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This contribution credits dreams of a billion home in this planet. For those who work in a distant land making some savings for their home. I tribute this honor in pride. :)

Submitted: October 08, 2015

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Submitted: October 08, 2015



When time grows harder in a land adapted to life's dearest struggles,
Every last bite of grains we consume fold in emptyness how it is made,
A human captured by this trauma plough those dry rotten sand without any right,
Who owns their harvest sell no bread for feeding those homes?
As time passes one farmland story trigger tears of a young childs heart,
Silence in those days many mother without any food in their home, 
Undone in an innocent act her new born feed dry traces of mothers milk,
Along lost playground if Gods brought them this trouble,
Can an eternal flame test the weavers with good fortune?

If distress hostile their hearts passing each day with hope,
Not for one saviour from heaven with the ultimate defense,
May in time well-being gift us happiness not misery,
In this hunger may our dutiful heart save some help,
For days of endless drought may awake the clouds above for rain,
Our fleeting situations may feeble an innocent victim with employment,
In time some set their journey towards cities for job,
Waiting early morning near the streets,
Just an empty stomach before silence in any dialogue,
Looking for daily job wages may help send earning for home away,
Yet they dont want more than goodness of diet from their sweat,
At home this can help a family buy a day some rice,
This awakeness give strength for forgeting every tears of labour,
When people pass by new homes towards this shore,
It will be deepest desire to be dutiful than a event in all time,
Yet days of festivity come back in time when they visit their villages,
For they toiled all their salt for making a life for others,
A family greeting with all wellbeing at home make their dreams,
Today all our heart may shine in this spirit of love,
Through this effort people make more than a sacrifice,
Their gifted hearts come home towards how our global village is nourished,
It is this effort one of us may never forget,

My country is not just a land of poor people,
I am honored with those who are really rich within,
With their sacrifice our global village is always born here,
Fulfilling this journey is what makes us rich for our cultural heritage,
Here who made this sacrifice gift infinte family values in our hearts bond above any wealth,
More than stars in this twinling sky for every home in my motherland,
Here this message beyond a billion dreams ahead for a rich nation,
Makes all difference sharing this example made for dearest wealth God has founded ,

This tribute marks a passion how long happiness buy delight for my child at home,
May all the joy I can save love for acceptance my child will enjoy in days ahead for His home,
When this dreams gives me relief for my faith in all dimensions of goodnews with hardwork,
May our intimate friendship emotionally reward an endless contribution ahead in the truth...  

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