How will you understand this mind?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Never ending note of the perceptual object behind your thinking. Imagine you are behind a prison and this is your mind. Just follow every note and enjoy the flow. :)

Your soulless prison guards the courtyard of an arena,

In this school existence weave as you put into practise,

When you pray inside this temple,

You step out for birth close on its doors,

Within new series your supreme self pass on supper message,

Imagine this scenario with many participants,

The jailer knows you always experiment on this landscape,

Yet mirrors on these wave your heart pound for beats,

Life's sample determinants can be for X you want,

Yet fountain called life needs Y,

Situation changes on the primary store called memory,

Living out those mind forgets what this man in the mirror forgive,

Yet distinction interpret bodily response on its path,

As one sow emotions your nostalgia disposes in working life,

Yet on its roots factual information see run away fear,

Inside empty love commit passion for God,

As another jewelery in making someone draft its architect,

Your life become such combination of this conceived resolution,

As couple of days fix your role in this prison,

Your illusion hatred this reality,

Yet every jail break attempt different part of every dream,

Some suggest every day life is made how you work inside this boundary,

One brain dead person remain outside sketch of new ideas,

And passion of ensuring what you are bothered make your life,

This mind is a machine where writer of faith color some code,

You read every day ahead inside these wall of the doors beside,

Yet your dream remain as underestimate attitude unless you participate,

Children of the mortal tomorrow spend most of time in this second stage,

Much what is told reunite how much this count for unspoken craft behind,

You dont see how this machine work,

Yet your wagon run on its rail where you row its broken glass,

Inability to cope your ageing limitless you group characteristic called recollections,

As discretion counts and included skill behind tons of those strengths,

You are along shoe making for walking most of life in this small space,

Vacuum fill its gap and we are mounted on this existence,

Our dimensions correlate where we actually wanted,

Like fuel for this engine we breath out excess negative,

Consumption for this intake is our deterimental effect of a hard day,

How much we are enlightened for its work...

Is this more than any aspect responsible for what we are?

Yet more orless permanently faded,

This unconscious process is our daily part of research,

Finding a suggestion is our pursuit of happiness,

No less than environment is our prison,

Is this how much we are born to win?

Above all part of the head for our brain,

Our conditions fix our positive behavior down its doors,

Working out this altitude for bars,

We are crossed by the way of controversy childrens become austic,

Yet where we find its floor,

We are back in the work within mind we live our daily life,

Is this how you will undersdtand one mind?

Ask again, research this ladder as you climb,


Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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