I Can Save The World

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
This hearts voice will leave a footprint in time so real. Let us greet this beginning for the very next vision born within. May you realize this everyday live on our living Earth. :)

Submitted: January 01, 2020

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Submitted: January 01, 2020



There is a hero behind every name,

One day this actor attends just one question,

Unanswered we don’t feel like giving up,

How good is a lesson I never learnt again?

Staring sky limits below the trailer is still a mystery,

Giving up the fate flare out one such stranger on the road,

Stealing time along I took my journey into a reality soon,

How will God meet many such angels from this home unvisited?

One among us who more than a sacrifice accepted peace,

One prayer stands by our communion through the night gone,

One faith defends our world born from its weakness,

Today our journey meets with a world I don’t cry,

Gone this invitation go along with our hearts thinking out loud,

For a hero within will realize,

If you discover this neighborhood giving no excuse,

Even the ignorant darkness will wake up in a prayer,

Your soul gives oneness for the world realized in a peace,

A dream will raise this footprint gone for the time in a promise,

All around my home rocks it’s my life,

Away choices trick the wonderful time so beautiful,

God may have something to give more,

And I feel there is no more day hiding I’m hidden,

Today stripping what the world dictates,

Rather abiding myself in the faith come for the impossible,

Am I conquering someone saddle with this stranger?

Burn away the world no longer hunts us,

If I am not the only one responsible,

Wanting our work get around gasping what is around,

Let us give back plucking the ideas we have had so far,

I reach out for our teachers who gave us this gurukul,

You shall settle this down when we can have something better,

I agree with our community who left us this message,

We must piece together this match all the day away into our hearts,

I melt down this prayer into each other until the hope never sets,

Our time wants this space still being left out like a light went out cleansing itself,

Let us not foul up being unfounded as this hero wherever you shine,

All the days ahead will freshen up before God who met this stranger,

And will recite us a surprise,

We can praise every harvest with grains that can end poverty,

We can end the struggle very price payout for common home,

We can raise the wealth pressed for healthy living,

It just starts in our local world,

Let this heart turn on towards the vision healing every blindness,

For our faith is sacked out on this oneness,

Every stranger God heals write off this eminence,

Towards a start the man reined his weigh requesting,

Why don’t you put a claim by the time we have now?

Towards a common home our future belongs,

Why didn’t this occur quelling this start we must do now?

This day I feel the responsibility will unload us the peace forever,

My whole future is riding on this understanding,

Let it be so daring you will live-in the larger prosperity,

We must work together regaled us with the tales of all lessons,

What has so far happened choke backs this demand,

Our future not lost depends on a fight ended,

And visit it’s hopeful,

When you share this invoked message,

For the greatest wonder on our highest mountain,

Revealed with a new cloth of blessing,

For all who believed;

I can, I will, I try;

Without any complaints I can save the world,

Where I belong one of us for this sunrise always alive.

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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