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Unity in human history, this is a tender act of a beautiful dream beyond description. I hope you will be its part and parcel for every day. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Inside frail flames on an unwanted cause facing humiliations,

To distil fears in a global crash without insecurity,

Flow victimize an uncertainty past future for leading steps,

Our tomorrow must tender better future in any such deprivation,

When dignity pledge us to work together,

Every research for knowledge lead us in a search,

Our initiative in a world where these efforts are forgotten,

Let your heart count for those minorities,

If hope is the theme of observance making sacrifices,

Resting in a reality values return an environmental issue,

Our elders build us this examination in fervent trust,

Inside history's darkest chapters they have advocated peace,

Our mission for any race descends religiousness in humanity,

For God's eternal order our teacher tribute sacrifices,

Inside a man who feed with a fish,

Our teacher has taught us how to fish and live with this art,

In such celebrations we loved those who sowed such fortune,

With service glorify duty hearts cross true sense of the word,

People have an axiomatic truth inside them,

If a graceful Mahatma dignified this as non-violent life-style,

Did you resolve anything for 70% citizens in this world who live hungry in life with terrible hostile conditions?

If this war has an end,

Our epic of this solution can solve mankind from misery,

When you donate a commitment reflecting on human conditions,

In an existing flow no events order background for hatred,

If we fall complex mix constitute an internal aggression and unstableness,

Our physical shape adds more complexity with the natural resources geographical boundaries hold,

In an haunted fear somewhere in history calls for countless bugs leading an imminent war,

Who sleeps among such social stratification demolish the concept of treating any human beings equally,

We have seen disastrous age in the midst of two world war,

If combination of human trafficking become a trade,

We are responsible for those exploitation due to unrelenting poverty and lack of unemployment opportunities,

Today we must fulfil our commitment for youth as they are backbone for our nation,

If our land continue concerns with health planners,

We must not regret grievances for any need of rehabilitation so that they survive any climate,

We cannot have any agenda that thinly as its spreads,

If we need to stop this war for mankind,

We must not abolish any order in the Nature that exist,

Lesser those reasons exist in a state of dilemma,

If we can deliver an agenda it must be an intangible tenacious moment in History,

God give us this much wealth for those industry,

We cannot decline any act may bountiful care such honor,

When our author of history build one hope in those twinkling eyelids,

For every start like a fountain your joy is the home of blessings,

If Almighty returned this source of existence for 8 billion human footprints on this Earth,

Let us accept any reward for those grace abounds to show a smiling gladness in acts of love and mercy from the mighty that exist yet unknown,

We cannot frame our path in a flow that doesn't inherit us a beginning in this planet wherever we are,

Yet in a lonely power higher than ever created is inside you,

When any arms race we get divided only sorrow grow deeper all the way,

Over any victory is a guidance where Spirit in us does not condemn the man in the mirror,

In the end every event we recall establish one kingdom,

Towards such a wave of compassion,

Let our heart reunite blessings for a stranger in the midst as we bow our heart together for the war we started may bring back those stray away in hatred for all their lost and seek resplendent agreeing how we can create a better future for all in an conscience reigning real life happiness of what's to come towards from what's to bring back.

I do know we carry a big bag of forgiveness yet we always forget this treasure our heart may guide us,

If you can make this event so true,

Then one war we started will come to an end so soon.


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