If there is a dream about you

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You are having good time with someone who just left a message in your heart. You just met this person. One moment everything just turned around in words and deeds. The big picture for a simple small family just floated. And every dream is just not about you anymore. This just came across your heart break with this special person. What is left again? Feelings or break emotions? lol

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



If there is a dream about you,

She came and wailed her wings,

Trust Respected in many hearts She sowed a hope,

Together when race was over,

Those became shalow of dreams,

We met and just departed,

I dont know if there was closeness,

But in clear note the transparency was cremated,

Long in time if this was smile,

Will caring heart search for love?

Do life we begin wound with thoughts?

Everyday between three cities,

This was not the same day,

We met and departed again,

For Her if was for career,

I search for companionship,

For Her if was for sweet words, 

I made for new hearts,

For her if was for temperament,

I dated for a reason,

Golden rule is written,

There is no love without sacrifice,

If She ever thought about life together,

All the dreams in pages of Lotus in the shrine,

Did Teacher thought each other for new day?

What is the secret in those knot never made?

When every word become just vague,

Can we edit inside meaning of feelings?

When every word become just edited,

Can we vague inside meaning of emotions?

Today time kills such thoughts,

I become another plausibele in those trap,

It is said I have come a long way,

Those who just departed,

Those who just met,

Everything ever noted,

If there was meaning,

In the late hour,

Will golden seperate thought age about life?

Tested in fragrance,

Those words just fill my thoughts,

I think if all was wrong,

Yet I dont wanna hurt any,

Everyone just came and went,

I feel all notes taken in the backyard,

In those spin around one wheel of time,

God has woven someone in marriage,

It is said everything is first made among hearts,

In this coin woven feelings are not anywhere,

Yet those secret woven are not anymore,

Shopping in this tribulent wave,

I feel heaven prepare such cerimony,

As faster as time moves,

Can matured mind tempt in this secret?

We must make where God search this planet for,

God must make that are held together,

Yet all those speechless,

Mindless fall in roots along one,

Just came out of a dream,

Into the knot of reality,

Let God unite all in peace. :)

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